Xtreme Asp Photo Gallery v1.05

XTREME ASP Photo Gallery is a photo gallery that allows easy photo management and complete administration via a web based interface.

This interface offers many more features than conventional web based photo gallery's do. With XTREME ASP Photo Gallery, you can configure everything including colors, text styles, amount of imaged displayed per page and much more.

What You Can Configure In The Control Panel
- The name of the photo gallery
- The numbers of thumbnails displayed per page
- Size of thumbnails
- The background color behind the images
- The background color of the headers and footers
- The font type, size, color and style (bold and/or italic)
- Whether you want to display the name on the thumbnail page
- Whether you want to display the name on the image display page
- Whether you want to display the description on the display page
Other Features:

Simple Image Uploading
Most photo gallery scripts require you to upload your images, then enter all the information about the image into a database. Most require you to create thumbnails and upload them as well.

Not with XTREME ASP Photo Gallery! Using its upload system provided by PURE ASP UPLOAD, you simply enter the information about the image (Name & Description), choose what category you want the image to appear in, browse to the file and click upload. Once the upload is complete, you will be directed to a page where you can change the sorting order of the image or leave it set as the default (last in is first displayed). Your image will now appear!
Complete Image Administration
Using the Photo Administration system, you can change the ordering of the images, edit the name and description of the image, change the category of a image and you can delete the image from the gallery. There is also a Size Alert that will tell you if you images do not match the settings you have for your gallery.
Unlimited Categories
With XTREME ASP Photo Gallery, you can add as many categories to your gallery as you would like. Adding a new category is as simple as entering the name and description into the category administration section and clicking add.

One the category is added, you can change the order that it will appear in your gallery or leave it set as the default (last entered is first displayed). Editing and deleting the categories as super easy as well.
User Administration Section
XTREME ASP Photo Gallery has a system that allows you to give permissions to users so they can upload images and more.

These are three levers of users that you can assign a user:
- Administrator which gives a person full control over everything.
- Advanced Uploader which allows them to change sorting orders, add categories and upload images.
- Uploader Only which allows them to upload the images only.

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