Xgcombobox v1.0

- xml based ComboBox (Support both xml file outside flash and xml object inside flash).
- Define rollOver color and a color for the selected ComboBox item.
- Can set bgColor, borderRound, borderThick, borderColor.
- Define label and label color.
- Scroll bar automatically attached.
- Can define font, fontSize, font bold, font italic etc.
- Can define width and height.
- Can get information of the item you selected by catching event
- Can apply embedded font
- Can decide how many rows are visible
- Can apply Icons from objects created in flash (movies, graphic symbols, images, etc) – just put them in a Flash library.
- Can set the alignment of the icons to the left or to the right.
- Can set the scroll bar theme color.
- Can attach shadow.
- Can define Shadow Alpha and Shadow Distance.
- Can attach sound for mouse events (roll over and click)
- Can set the title box properties (Box border, title text…)
- 2 types of scroller provided. (themes: normal and modern)
- Can set vertical and horizontal distance of the scroller from the Box Border

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