Voiceone v0.4.4

Callware VoiceOne is an easy to use web based GUI for the Asterisk PBX.

It gives full control over settings through a simple admin panel. You can manage extensions, preferences, POTS/ISDN/VoIP trunks, queues, and rules sets and dynamically create IVRs. - Client/Server architecture based on web services
- Relies on Asterisk Realtime Architecture (ARA) for database storage
- Two different panels, Personal for users and Configurator for administrators
- Extensions management
- Fully customizable users profile, including Voicemail, Call Forwarding ("Follow Me") and Do Not Disturb
- Highly configurable rulesets for outbound and inbound calls
- Static LCR (Least Cost Routing)
- Supports VoIP providers (SIP and IAX) and traditional Telco carriers
- Links remote offices via IAX with RSA public key encryption
- Powerful IVR creation system
- Queues management
- Conference rooms handling
- Sounds and Music On Hold management
- Applications and macros editor
- System Macros and Functions preloaded (DID/DDI, Call Back and DISA included)
- Plugins system to share ready-to-use macros and application with the VoiceOne community
- Powerful configuration of mISDN and Zap drivers based hardware
- Java SIP phone embedded
- I/O interface and PBX CLI (Command Line Interface)
- Static-like text editor for conf files
· Linux Kernel 2.6.9 or above
· MySQL 4.1 or above (version 5.0 not tested yet)
· Apache 2 or above
· PHP 4.3 or above (version 5 not tested yet)
· php-cgi
· php-mysql
· Asterisk 1.2 (version 1.4 not tested yet) with addons (asterisk-addons)
· SoX, Sound eXchange
· MAD, MPEG Audio Decoder (i.e. madplay)
· For ISDN BRI we strongly recommend:
· mISDN drivers ("mqueue" branch or CVS HEAD)
· chan_mISDN 0.3.0 or above

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