The Yak

The Yak is a Button / Sound / Animation Applet allowing you to create proffesional effects for your images.

- No key file required!
- Priced... FREE
- Sound support
- Three-step action
- Four animation modes
- Up to a hundred images per animation
- Settable animation speed (dwell)
- MouseOver image-switch mode
- Three box modes
- Four box styles
- Box thickness and inset control
- Box / hot box color control
- Text / hot text color control
- Text / hot text position control
- Full font control (font face, color, style, size)
- Fully linkable (target, window or frame)
- Compatible with all standard browsers (IE, FF, NS, etc.)
- Separate, well-behaved status bar text
- Applet background color control
- Clear, easy-to-understand parameters
- Tiny, single 6.19K class file
- Extremely fast performance on multiple buttons
- Can be used without links
- Use as a stand-alone sound button
- Use as a stand-alone image animator
- Up to 100 images
- Protective coding for easy set-up
- Rated 'simple-to-moderate' set up
- Download kit (free!) with all images, sounds; plus stock HTML, tips, parameters cheat sheet, and more

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