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  • Apache Websh 3.6.0b5

    Websh is used in real-life applications like HTML generation, data-base driven one-to-one page customization, e-commerce shops or electronic banking applications.Websh is based on the Tool Command Language (Tcl, pronounced "tickle"). Here are some ke

  • Getleft 1.2RC1

    Getleft is a Web site grabber, it downloads complete web sites according to the options set by the user. Features:- While it goes, it changes the original pages, all the links get changed to relative links, so that you can surf the site in your hard

  • Expect-lite 3.1.2

    Expect-Lite is a wrapper for expect, created to make expect programming even easier. The wrapper permits the creation of expect script command files by using a special character(s) at the beginning of each line to indicate the expect-lite action. Bas

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