Smilehouse Workspace v1.11.1

Smilehouse Workspace is a packaged e-commerce software for integrated e-business solutions. Workspace is based on J2SE architecture and offers a reliable and easy-to-use solution with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Workspace is reliable, expandable, easy to use aplication. You can use Workspace to build and publish e-commerce enabled websites e.g. b-to-c online stores, product catalogs and b-to-b extranet services.
Workspace is based on reliable technology and open standards. It is widely used and continuously developed and supported.

Workspace is a system for:
- Building, developing and managing an e-commerce site.
- Managing and distributing product information and related documents
- Receiving orders, invitation of bids and payments from various interfaces (www, wap, palm)
- Managing customer information, customer accounts and user privileges.
- Customer management and support 
General Products Features:
- You can add, modify, copy, move and remove products and product groups
- Embedded WYSIWYG HTML editor for editing product group descriptions
- Product groups can be nested to any level
- Products in a group can be sorted by Name, Item code or Price. Also arbitrary ordering is possible with manual sorting.
- One product can belong to multiple product groups.
- Different product groups can be assigned to different themes or left non-public
- Powerful clipboard for copying and moving products
- Searching products by keyword from freely selectable product fields
- Automatic inventory management. Products can be hidden based on their availability.
- Inventory amount can be updated automatically on order creation and when the order is modified.
- Products can be forced to be ordered only in specified amounts. For example you can configure product to be ordered only groups of 4.
- Possibility to add discounts based on the amount of products ordered. This feature helps you to create interesting campaigns.
- Possibility to add discounts based on customer or customer groups. For example you can give discounts to resellers.
- Uploading products into the product manager from an Excel table as a CSV file with predefined encoding
- Downloading products into Excel as a CSV file using predefined encoding
- Updating product fields by using CSV file
- Changing the rounding accuracy of prices
- Changing the decimal separator that is shown in webshop
- Changing currency label freely
- VAT Settings, which allows to list and update VAT rates specific to regions and categories, create/modify/delete VAT regions and categories, set default VAT region and set, whether prices contain VAT
- Changing product amount rounding logic, if products are ordered in factors in the web shop.
General Orders Features:
- Viewing, modifying and removing of orders
- Creating new orders directly from the administration interface
- Linking orders to existing customers
- Creating a customer based on the information included with an order
- Adding and removing of ordered products
- Delivery cost recalculation
- E-mail messages to customers or the administrator. Messages can be sent manually or they can be automatically triggered by internal events.
- Messages are freely definable and can contain variables that will be filled with order or customer data.
- Freely definable order handling and payment statuses that can be set manually or be triggered by internal events.
- Prinetti integration
- Saveable shopping cart settings
- Searching and sorting of orders by:
- Order and reference number
- Customer number
- Payment vendor
- Delivery option
- Price
- Handling status
- Payment status
- Information given by the customer
- Ordered products information

General Customer Features:
- Adding, modifying, removing and grouping of customers
- Customer specific notes
- Automatic responses on registration
- Possibility to assign a Workspace user as customer's contact person
- Possibility to assign price group and default theme for customer groups
- Customer statistics
- CSV export of customer information
- CSV import of customer information
- Customer's order history
- Searching and sorting of customers by:
- Customer number
- Customer information
- Customer group
- Assigned user
- Total sum of customer's orders
- Creation date

· Apache Tomcat 5
· JDK 1.5.X or newer
· For SSL support JSSE 1.0.2 or higher
· MySQL 4, MySQL 5, or PostgreSQL

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