Sceditor v1.4.4

SCEditor is one of the best BBCode editors around, allowing programmers to use it with their input areas for providing a better text formatting experience.
Nothing makes it stand apart from other WYSIWYG editors, but it's underlying code, which mainly uses BBCode syntax to format the text, instead of Markdown or HTML.
Besides the BBCode functionality, an HTML formatting mode is also included if developers don't want to complicate their lifes with BBCode where's not necessary.
SCEditor demos are included with the plugin's download package.
· JavaScript enabled on client side
· jQuery 1.5 or higher
What's New in This Release:
· Fixed height auto expanding when resized.
· Fixed emoticons with greater than (>) not being converted.
· Improved multiline lists in source mode.
· Improve theme compatibility.
· Fixed issue with iOS not breaking long words.
· Improved emoticonsCompat support so emoticons are converted to text if whitespace is removed.
· Fixed bug causing spaces to not be inserted when an emoticon is inserted in emoticonsCompat mode.
· Fixed bug with toolbar not being removed by destroy() when in a custom toolbarContainer.
· Added currentBlockNode() method.

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