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  • Visualcaptcha For Ruby v0.0.1

    visualCaptcha for Ruby uses the revamped visualCaptcha "click-to-select" CAPTCHA system to easily distinguish human visitors from spam bots.For emotionLoop's original "drag&drop image to target area" CAPTCHA system, an unofficial Ruby library still i

  • Visualcaptcha For Ruby

    Ported from the visualCaptcha PHP library, this Ruby implementation follows as closely as possible the original guidelines.visualCaptcha for Ruby uses the original "drag&drop image to target area" to distinguish humans from bots, a secure and proved

  • Cyphrb 1.0.1

    The library contains only two classes.One for scrambling the text. And the second for descrambling it to its original form.

  • Passw3rd 0.2.3

    Passw3rd allows developers to encrypt and save password strings outside of the source code itself.Using Passw3rd increases a Web apps or website's security by not revealing access credentials when source code is exposed or publicly viewable.It alsa m

  • Passwordsecuritychecker 1

    The script takes the inputted password string and checks it against an MD5 cracker.It will then return a report, showing the password's strength. What's New in This Release: · Stable version released.

  • Ruby-aes 1.1

    Written in pure Ruby, it ports cryptographic functions to the highly-evolved Ruby language.The developer can use keys of 128, 192 or 256 bits, with 4 different modes: ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB.

  • Gibberish-aes-ruby

    It is a port of Alex Boussinet's Ruby-AES library, but with added support for SSL.For a really good encryption, 256 bits CBC is recommanded. Here are some key features of "gibberish-aes-ruby":Valid modes are:· ECB (Electronic Code Book)· CB

  • Four Bites Aes 1.0.0

    Built with URL shorteners in mind, it hides data for hiding the total record count from regular users. Here are some key features of "Four Bites AES":· Keep the total number of records somewhat secret· Prevent people from easily guessing th

  • Monkeywatch 0.1.7

    Handlers for special messages are created as mixed-in plugins.Two plugins currently exist, one to monitor arpwatch and one to monitor psad.These two plugins notify the user of possible port-scan and arpspoofing attacks being launched against the user

  • Openpgp.rb 0.0.3

    Defined by the RFC 4880 standard it can encode and decode ASCII-protected OpenPGP messages. Here are some key features of "OpenPGP.rb":· Encodes and decodes ASCII-armored OpenPGP messages.· Parses OpenPGP messages into their constituent pac

  • Reckoner 0.4.0

    It can be used to monitor automated processes or services, and check if they are working correctly. Here are some key features of "Reckoner":· Easy YAML Configuration· Check for file existence, freshness and size· Easy to add other che

  • Ruby Phishtank Api Module 1.0

    Ruby PhishTank API Module implements the check url, submit url, ping, frob and application key, and request / revoke token parts of the PhishTank API. Included as well is a sample Ruby script to demonstrate using this module. The sample is called phi

  • Fastcst 0.6.5

    FastCST (Fast Change Set Tool) is an experimental revision control tool. It allows you to create a secure revision control system that uses digital signatures and other cryptographic methods. Requirements:· libslack 0.5.2

  • Ruby/password 0.5.3

    Ruby/Password is a suite of password handling methods for Ruby. It supports the manual entry of passwords from the keyboard in both buffered and unbuffered modes, password strength checking, random password generation, phonemic password generation (f

  • Crypt::blowfish 0.6.1

    Crypt::Blowfish provides Blowfish block cipher enion.:Cry

  • Rcipher

    This is a Ruby library that implements some well-known classical cipher algorithms; namely: Atbash, Beaufort, Caesar and Vigenere.

  • Crypt::tea

    Crypt::TEA is a pure ruby implementation of the various forms of the Tiny Encryption Algorithm.

  • Railspki 0.0.3

    RailsPKI is a PKI build on Ruby on Rails.

  • Crypt::cbc 0.5

    Crypt::CBC provides CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) support for block-cipher classes.

  • Bytestream 0.9

    This script is a String-derived class for the purpose of encryption - specifically to offer XOR, but also to offer big-endian addition.

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