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  • Awestruct

    Awestruct is basically a static site generator, taking an organized file&folder structure and compiling it into HTML pages that can be deployed via a Web server to your users.Awestruct is inspired by Jekyll, working in the same way (in principle), bu

  • Bundler 1.6.2

    Bundler allows developers to automate the installation of a Ruby-based project via the terminal.It works by reading a dependency tree and automatically installing all Ruby GEM files in the proper order via RubyGems.Bundler also supports various worki

  • Rails Assets Beta

    Rails Assets is a merger between Bundler and Bower.Bundler is a Ruby tool for managing assets and dependencies. Bower on the other hand does the same thing, only for Node.js.Using these two tools is considered an unofficial standard for both developm

  • Gabba 1.0.1

    Google Analytics code is usually loaded locally and it records and sends to the Google servers various user actions or events.If you know the destination of those servers, you can send extra actions to log via simple HTTP requests, which almost any m

  • Drupid 1.1.5

    Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for the Drupal CMS. It uses static makefiles to build and assemble clean Drupal installations from the command line.If you're a Drupal developer that enjoys using Drush, Drupid is a tool to k

  • Regulate 0.1.2

    Regulate was created for environments where a Ruby CMS is a little bit tricky or almost impossible to setup.It's completely console-driven and works like most PHP or Python static site compilers.The difference from other static site compile

  • Mruby 1.0.0

    mruby is nothing more than an effort to allow programmers to use their own Ruby code compiler inside applications and environments where a Ruby interpreter is not available in normal circumstances.To do this, some default Ruby features have been igno

  • Htmlmin 0.0.7

    HTMLMin will help developer cut down the size of their HTML files whenever they want to improve the site's loading speed.HTMLMin is available as a GEM file as well. Here are some key features of "HTMLMin":

  • Yandex_detector 0.0.2

    Knowing what kind of device the user utilizes to access an app or website makes it more easy for developers to serve the proper files and resources to the user, enriching his navigation experience.The yandex_detector library uses Yandex's proven meth

  • Gmail For Ruby 0.4.0

    The library is perfect for creating apps or websites running on Ruby that can be used to pull in GMail emails.Besides just simple email fetching actions, other more powerful, GMail-specific actions are supported as well. Here are some key features of

  • Iso_country_codes 0.4.1

    The "iso_country_codes" Ruby library can be used programmatically or via the Ruby command-line interface (CLI).The library also supports searching for 2 digit and3 digit codes, as well as searching by name, code, phone prefixes or currency. What's Ne

  • Tld 0.6.4

    The "TLD" Ruby library can be used programmatically or via the Ruby command-line interface (CLI). Here are some key features of "TLD":· Gets domain name descriptive name· Gets domain name ISO country code· Gets ISO currency code for do

  • Sixpack-rb 1.0.0

    Sixpack-rb basically allows Ruby developers to create and run A/B tests in their favorite Ruby-based technology and use the library to gather and send usage reports to a Sixpack installation.Sixpack-rb is an officially supported API client.Other API&

  • Macruby 0.12

    MacRuby basically allows developers to write Mac OS X apps in Ruby code and run them without a glitch on the OS as a native app.What this means is that Ruby developers won't have to educate themselves in the intricate and complicated World of Objecti

  • Bonfire 0.1.1

    Bonfire works by reading a config file and generating a Kindle-compatible ebook from the given files.Bonfire works from the Ruby CLI. Here are some key features of "Bonfire":· Automated generation process· Use Markdown for formatting conten

  • Ase.rb 1.0.3

    ASE.rb was developed to provide better ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) scraping capabilities to developers and designers working with Adobe color swatches on a regular basis.Works with all Adobe Creative Suite programs, from Illustrator to Photoshop.ASE.

  • Psd.rb 1.0.0

    PSD.rb was developed to provide better PSD scraping capabilities to developers and designers working with .PSD files on a daily basis.PSD.rb handles all operations regarding opening the file and looking for the desired data and then retrieving the re

  • Rbzmq (zeromq Ruby Bindings) 2.1.4

    ZeroMQ (ØMQ, 0MQ, ZMQ) is a lightweight, fast, asynchronous messaging and communication protocol.ZeroMQ Ruby Bindings (rbzmq) is a Ruby binding for ZeroMQ's basic C API.The library allows developers to build Ruby applications and websites that

  • Ruby-gumbo 1.0.1

    ruby-gumbo ports some of Gumbo's features to Ruby code, providing an interface on which Ruby code can interact with the library's original C code.The binding enables HTML 5 parsing to be supported in Ruby apps and websites, not tied to any browser en

  • Smartfilter Ruby Bindings

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a Web security vulnerability which enables attackers to inject client-side scripts into Web pages, bypassing access controls and gaining access to various types of data.The SmartFilter service is a collection of algorith

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