Rgraph v2013-03-31-stable / 2013-05-05-beta

It draws graphs and charts using the HTML5 canvas tag, now available in mostly all modern browsers. Here are some key features of "RGraph":
Supported graphs:
· Bar chart
· Bi-polar chart
· Donut chart
· Funnel chart
· Gantt chart
· Gauge chart
· Horizontal Bar chart
· Horizontal Progress bar
· LED grid
· Line chart
· Meter
· Odometer
· Pie chart
· Rose chart
· Radial scatter chart
· Scatter chart
· Thermometer chart
· Traditional radar chart
· Vertical Progress bar
General features:
· Annotating graphs
· Combining charts
· Integrating RGraph with external libraries (ModalDialog)
· Animating graphs
· A basic example
· Available CSS classes
· About canvas color definitions
· About context menus
· Setting the width and height of a graph
· The RGraph.SetConfig() function
· Examples of keys
· Updating graphs dynamically
· Retrieving a PNG of the graph
· The DOMContentLoaded event
· Custom RGraph events
· Adjusting graphs interactively
· Using tooltips
· Resizing graphs
· Microsoft Internet Explorer support
· Asynchronous processing
· Zooming the graph
· JavaScript enabled on client side
· HTML 5 enabled browser
What's New in This Release:
· The RGraph text function has been rewritten
· A drawing API text object has been added making it very easy to add text to your charts which supports events and/or tooltips
· The scale generation function has been rewritten. You won't notice unless you use exponentials - but it's faster and allows for any number of Y labels
· The dynamic scrolling example has been optimised for speed by using local variables. Local variables are the fastest type so you should use them where possible
· Added new properties to the Radar chart: chart.labels.specific, chart.labels.count, chart.labels.axes.bold, chart.labels.axes.bold.zero, chart.labels.axes.boxed, chart.labels.axes.boxed.zero
· The default Pie chart colors have been updated to use gradients
· Set methods can now be chained.

  • Developer: RGraph Development Team
  • Website: http://www.rgraph.net
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Other Free / Open Source License - RGraph LicenseFree for non-commercial purposes.Commercial License (£49.00) BUY the full version
  • Language: Javascript
  • Download: Click Here to Download

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