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  • Resurrect 0.1

    The module was written to remove unwanted output like headers, footers and tables.ReSurrecT basically acts like an HTML cleanser, leaving behind the DOM tree and raw text with ReST formatting applied to it. Requirements:· lxml

  • Zhon 0.2.1

    Zhon provides tools for developers to use when dealing with Chinese characters and typography.The module is perfect for adding Chinese support for text processors, or it can be used as a stand-alone Chinese text processing unit as well.Usage instruct

  • Capitalizr 1.02.00

    capitalizr allows developers to capitalize (transform the first letter of a word to uppercase) text inside a file.The module will affect only words with four or more characters.capitalizr works from the Python CLI. What's New in This Release: ·

  • 1.0 can be used whenever a text container or a database needs to be filled with sample/filler content.This library is recommended only for testing purposes. Using it on a live website or in production app might ruin its interface. Here are some

  • Sopex 0.1

    Sopex analyzes a given English string and tries to find the subject, predicate and object of found sentences.On its own the library is pretty trivial, but used in more complex text analysis software, websites or applications, sopex can prove itself t

  • Nameparser 0.2.7

    The 'nameparser' package breaks down a human name into its smaller components, providing programmatic access to various parts of a person's name.Beyond the name detection system, the module comes packed with a capitalization class for properly capita

  • Po2json 0.2.1

    po2json will take gettext .po files, commonly used in programming for storing internationalization, localization, and translation related data, and translate them to portable JavaScript objects, prepared for system interchange as JSON files or data s

  • Pygithubmarkdown2html 0.0.1

    But not any type of Markdown, only the syntax variation used on the wildly popular GitHub repo hosting service.PyGithubMarkdown2HTML even uses the official GiHub CSS style guide for displaying the HTML code just as it is shown on GitHub.

  • Html2bbcode 2.1.0

    html2bbcode uses the Python programming language to parse HTML code and convert it to properly formatted BBcode (Bulletin Board Code).Supports HTML tags like ul, li, a, img, em, strong, code and blockquote.New ones can be added with ease, if they're

  • Work Rank

    Word Rank analyzes a text file and outputs the number of times each word has been used in that block of text.The script is pretty simple and can easily be embedded in more powerful text analysis and statistics software.

  • Mkdwiki 0.2 / 0.3

    Comes in two versions.One for pure Markdown, the other for GitHub's own Markdown syntax. Here are some key features of "mkdwiki":· Code highlighting· Templates· Cache system· TOC support· Can ignore selected files Requirement

  • Text2num

    The library parses a written number format and converts it to its numeric form (Arabic digits). Example:forty six ---> 46

  • Digify 0.2

    Takes written numbers in text format and converts them to actual Arabic digits.Example:two hundred twenty one ---> 221

  • Pybbcode 1.0

    The library will allow developers to parse the content inside BBcodes and pass it to other apps or libraries for further processing.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "PyBBCode":· Lightweight size· H

  • Lamark 0.2.1

    LaTeX is great because it allows developers to write complicated mathematical equations using a simple syntax.This module eases embedding and rendering those equations inside a Markdown file. Requirements:· Python 2.7.2 or higher

  • Rst2rst 0.2

    With this module, developers can transform RST documents to standardized or beautified RST syntax.A Python CLI rst2rst command is provided with the package.

  • Pyhyphen 2.0.2

    PyHyphen is a port to Python of the libhyphen C hyphenation library used in applications like OpenOffice and Firefox.Comes with almost all the original features, providing a wide range of hyphenation options in Python apps and websites. Requirements:

  • Wiki2csv 1.0.1

    These CSVfiles can then be used in data processing apps like Excel or LibreOffice.Wiki2csv works from the Python console. Requirements:· Python 2.7 or higher

  • Nameparts 0.5.6

    Parses a human name and splits it in various parts. Here are some key features of "nameparts":· First name· Middle name· Last name· Salutation prefixes· Generation suffix· Other prefixes and suffixes· Supplemental m

  • Caselib 0.1.2

    Supports Camel, Hypen and Snake case.

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