• Python-docx 0.5.1

    The DOCXX format is an Open XML format, used mainly by Microsoft's Office Word suite.python-docx enables Python programmers to generate or manipulate complex DOCX files via a few lines of code.The module can be used for both desktop and Web-based Pyt

  • Miette 1.3

    Microsoft Office is the World's most used office software pack, a solid solution from Microsoft for managing various problems, and connecting with people.Miette is a Python module for parsing data found in various Office documents.Right now, Miette c

  • Pycoin 0.26

    The pycoin module was created to help programmers in adding Bitcoin support for their ecommerce applications.The module is actually a collection of Python utilities that provide ready-made, secure methods of handling the Bitcoin crypto-currency.This

  • Unshortenit 0.1.8

    If someone has browser the Web enough, they're bound to stumble upon one of those links that requires you to wait for X amount of seconds before accessing a page or starting a download.In the Web industry, they are technically named "301 redirection

  • The Python Nhl Reader 2.1.1

    The Python NHL Reader, or just 'nhl' in the Python module repository, can provide a simple solution for a problem that has been around for ages: getting sport statistics without having to deal with complicated APIs or huge database files that need to

  • 3to2 1.0

    Python is a widely used programming language which features two main branches: 2.x and 3.x.Each of them uses its own syntax, not really that different between version, but different enough not to run except in its own branch.While a recent survey has

  • Django-responsive-dashboard 0.15

    By default, all Django applications come with a backend panel, a dashboard only accessible to admins, since the data presented there is quite sensitive.For the frontend section of the Django site/app there's no user dashboard utility, unless you're w

  • Django-wepay 1.0.2

    django-wepay allows Python developers to make safe, compliant and efficient API calls and create applications or web services that integrate with WePay.This module has also been ported to work without Django as a stand-alone Python library as well. R

  • Git2json 0.2.3

    Thanks to Linux and GitHub, the Git content versioning protocol has become the most used VCS system around. git2json helps programmers create applications that revolve around Git by simply providing access to Git logs in a much popular and well-suppo

  • Mongoadmin 0.2

    mongoadmin works like Django's default admin, visually at least.The changes are only to the backend code, simply by switching the database driver to MongoDB. Installing mongoadmin is just like installing any other Django app. Requirements:

  • Biplist 0.6

    biplist provides an unified interface for dealing with .plist files.It can be used to generate plists with support for UIDs, NSData, CFData and datetime.datetime objects.The biplist library works with OS X and iOS clients. Requirements:

  • Gap 0.4.9

    GAP can be used as a backbone for future projects designed to work on top of GAE (Google App Engine).It's quite a bare bone utility, just the basics to get stuff running the correct way, but custom modules can be incorporated easily for a more comple

  • Flask-bootstrap

    Flask is a micro-framework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2.Bootstrap is a powerful framework developed for easily prototyping Web UI layouts.This extension's version number is synced with Bootstrap version number. Requirements:· Flask W

  • Pypubsub 3.2.0

    Pub/Sub (PuSH) is a publish/subscribe protocol for content syndication, extending ATOM and RSS feeds. PyPubSub integrates this protocol's features in Python, allowing the sending and receiving messages between parts of an application.Also included ar

  • Django-bootstrap-admin v0.2

    Django is a well known Python framework that supports an administration interface out of the box. django-bootstrap-admin skins the Django backend, adding support for a Twitter Bootstrap-powered template. Requirements:· Django

  • Django Frontend 0.3.1

    Django Frontend can be used in quickly setting up the frontend interface of a Django project. It's nothing more than a collection of scripts, making sure the developer has a default interface in place for his Django app or website. Django Frontend is

  • Py-bcrypt 0.4

    Blowfish is a keyed, symmetric block cipher, created by Bruce Schneier. py-bcrypt utilizes the Blowfish cipher for encrypting password strings inside Python-based applications. What's New in This Release: · Can also be used as a Key Derivation F

  • Asjson 1.2.1

    asjson was created to document and keep track of changes by datetime to JSON files.Usage instructions are included with the download package's README file. What's New in This Release: · Fixed installation process in Python 3.

  • Django-bootstrap-themes 3.0.3

    The django-bootstrap-themes package simply helps developers skin Django projects via the successful Bootstrap CSS frontend UI framework.This will enable them to take full advantage of one of the most powerful and well-supported UI frameworks around.d

  • Pysitemap 0.5

    PySitemap is an extremely lightweight sitemap generation tool, at under 50 lines of code.It needs manual input of the domain and adjacent pages, along with their URLs and refresh rates.Once all pages properly configured, it will render the XML sitema

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