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  • Gifmachine

    GifMachine allows users to specify a YouTube video URL, the GIF width along with the start and end time of the desired sequence.When all options filled in, the GifMachine script uses the FFMpeg library to extract the sequence from the entire video an

  • Img2html

    This can be very useful for embedding and representing images inside HTML pages without using the img tag.It can also be useful for saving HTTP requests as well by embedding the image as HTML instead.Before using, please check out how to embed images

  • Pilbox 0.8.5

    Pilbox does not host any kind of images.It's a server you put between the image and the user, which based on supplied parameters will take the original image, manipulate and resize it and then send it to the consumer.There are many image processing o

  • Exifread 1.3.0

    The library does not do nothing more than just finding and getting EXIF info, but it can then pass the acquired info to more powerful programs for further processing.ExifRead can be used programmatically or from the Python CLI.

  • Imgurup 1.1.0

    imgurup uses the latest version of the Imgur API, v3, to take given images and upload them to a desired account.Uploading with an account is also supported. imgurup works from the Python CLI. What's New in This Release: · Added -s option -

  • Csssprite 0.9

    csssprite takes give images, assembles them together into a sprite and outputs the CSS code for each of its component parts.Works with any type of images and is a must-have tool for designers trying to optimize their site's loading speed.

  • Pyresizeimage 0.9.5

    PyResizeImage is not a fully graphics toolkit, but a simple Python module to manipulate regular images in various ways.It can resize and even add padding to existing images using a simple, Python specific syntax.All resized images are saved/converted

  • Fake Images Please?

    Placeholder images are dummy (filler) images that are generated on the fly, based on user parameters (usually passed in the image name or the URL request).Fake images please? is actually the source code that runs the website.As the online

  • Subdown2 0.9.0

    subdown2 must be used from the Python CLI.If pointed to a Reddit thread, the script will automatically fetch all the images in that subreddit. Requirements:· simplejson· Requests· Python-Twitter

  • Tinypng (python) 1.2.1

    The module works in association with the API, a service specialized in reducing the size of transparent 24bit PNG images.The service implements an advanced lossy compression for PNG images, just like for JPEGs, that actually preserves ful

  • Subdown 0.2.2

    To start downloading, the developer must point the script at a subreddit thread and it automatically download all images found inside it.Works from the Python CLI.

  • Signaturepad 2 Image Utility For Python

    The script reads the JSON string and writes it to a PNG image. Additionally, it can also change the pen's color, so the signature can be outputted in any color. Requirements:· Python Imaging Library· Signature Pad

  • Pixel2svg 0.3.0

    Specifically designed for pixel art (images at very low-resolution, or high resolution, but with a pixelated look), it will change them to SVG format, allowing rescaling on web pages. The input image can be in any format, PIL handling conversions int

  • Pdf2zip 1.0

    Usually, electronic magazines come as image-based PDFs. This module breaks up the PDF into individual images, archives them in ZIP format and saves them to a disk location.pdf2zip is a Python CLI tool and can be used for batch operations. Here are so

  • Spritemapper 1.0.0

    It merges multiple images into one big one, generating the needed CSS positioning code for the corresponding original images. The package consists of a simple command-line tool that "does the job" and a Python library including its own PNG and CSS pa

  • Pyexif 0.2.1

    Mainly all operations are performed though the Python command-line "exiftool", which is required for this module to work.The README file contains more information on how to install and use the module.

  • Spy 0.6

    SPy has functions for reading, displaying, manipulating, and classifying hyperspectral imagery.SPy can be used interactively from the Python command prompt or via Python scripts.The documentation section contains examples on Displaying Data or Spectr

  • Imagestore 2.7.3

    Written in Python. it was created for easy integration for an exiting Django project.It is very ligth, built around Django generic view. The gallery can be used along with watermarker, a Python module to add watermarks to images. Here are some key fe

  • Spgal 0.1

    One of its features is that it can function out-of-the-box as a drop-in replacement of the iGal and jGal static HTML galleries written in Perl.It automatically creates thumbnails and creates one gallery page per image file in addition to an index fil

  • Pyimgsort 0.1.6

    PyImgSort automatically sorts and rearranges a directory of image files into subdirectories by their aspect ratio.Its intended use is the sorting of large 'wallpaper' directories. Requirements:· Python 2.6 or higher· Python Imaging Library

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