• Simple Stripe Checkout 1.0.1

    Stripe is one of today's leading payment processors around, and its Stripe Checkout service is one of the recognized and easier to use payment forms on the Internet.The Simple Stripe Checkout WordPress plugin allows developers to easily embed such a

  • Page Builder 1.4.10

    The WordPress Page Builder plugin is a work of art when it comes to WP development.The plugin greatly simplifies the process of putting dynamic WordPress websites together, allowing administrators to easily create widgetized pages.Page Builder works

  • Price Table Widget 1.0.5

    The Price Table Widget is similar to the Price Table plugin, but instead of working from the post/page editing section, it's packaged as a sidebar widget instead.As the original users can edit the table columns, can edit the table rows, can add speci

  • Pluscaptcha 1.2.1

    To solve a PlusCaptcha plugin CAPTCHA, the user must rotate the circle at the center of the CAPTCHA image and reconstruct the photo to its original state.This implies a complex mouse interaction, which most spam bots won't be able to detect and perfo

  • Dc Simple Share Buttons 1.0

    Once installed and activated, the DC Simple Share Buttons plugin will automatically add social sharing buttons to all the site's posts.Via the settings page the plugin can also be activated for static site pages as well.If needed, the social sharing

  • Interactive Slider 1.0.2

    Interactive Slider is not your classic slider for WordPress. It doesn't feature a specialized interface for managing the slides, it doesn't have many options to tweak, and it's surely not a tool to use for featuring images and photo albums.The Intera

  • Wordpress Auction Plugin 2.0.1

    The WordPress Auction Plugin is a plugin that can help WP webmasters transform their site into an online marketplace.Admins and users can create auctions and publish them via the plugin, allowing other site users to place a bid and offer to buy it.On

  • 2048 (wordpress) 0.1.1

    This is done by adding the [2048] shortcode to any shortcode-enabled area.Once published, the game board will be embedded in the shortcode location, and site visitors can play the game on the site's frontend.Features like game end screens, high score

  • Fastline Page Builder 0.8.7

    The FastLine Page Builder is a dream come true for developers working on a daily basis with non-technical clients and the WordPress platform.As WordPress grew from a small blogging platform to a full-on CMS, its backend interface did not adapt that m

  • Security-protection 2.0

    Most similar plugins work by adding CAPTCHA fields to all forms, or by moving the login page.While these methods are highly efficient, they might be disruptive to the site's users, forcing them to enter a CAPTCHA code every time they login, or making

  • Google Analytics Dashboard For Wp 4.2.18

    One of the most successful and most installed plugin on the WordPress extensions directory, the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is incredibly easy to setup with just a few clicks.No complicated account, API, and tracking code copy&paste actions, ju

  • Webshare 1.1.1

    By default the plugin works only with standard WordPress blog posts.If you want to use it with other custom post types or with static pages, there's a PHP template tag available which can be embedded in a theme's code.Webshare works via the Genericon

  • Wp Twitter Feeds 1.2

    The first version of the Twitter API was a ground-breaking technology that was considered the unofficial standard in API design, being copied and replicated by thousands of companies around the Web.This led to lots of Twitter tools and applications b

  • Ad Blocking Detector 1.2.1

    Most technical-savvy Internet users these days have adopted an ad-blocking plugin for their browsers. This small tool lets them navigate the Web without being constantly visually assaulted by annoying ads or intrusive popups.While ads may be evil in

  • Wp Aceeditor 1.0.1

    As the name might hint, the plugin uses the syntax coloring schemes from the ACE code editor.To help editors do so, the WP AceEditor plugin adds a special button to the built-in WordPress WYSIWYG editor, button which triggers a special popup box wher

  • Ignitiondeck 1.3.9

    Obviously inspired by Kickstarter, this plugin will help webmasters run their own Kickstarter-like website on their WordPress blog.The IgnitionDeck plugin allows admins to create projects, add a description, set a funding goal, add fund raising and r

  • Simnor Sports Club Manager 1.3

    The Simnor Sports Club Manager WordPress plugin allows webmasters to manage various facets of a sports club, like:- team fixtures- game results- player descriptionsThe plugin is pretty general which allows webmasters to use it for any type of sport,

  • Easy Google Fonts 1.3

    Easy Google Fonts is just one of the plethora of new WordPress plugins dedicated to integrating Google Web Fonts with the WordPress platform.While few of these plugins use a simple and straight-forward approach, most of them are clunky and unusable o

  • Our Team By Woothemes 1.3.0

    The "Our Team by WooThemes" WordPress plugin provides a special section in the WP backend where webmasters can add information about a company's employees.They can add and store info like their job titles, site username, avatar, Gravatar account, Twi

  • Google Authenticator For Wordpress 1.0.7

    Google Authenticator for WordPress changes the way users log in on the site.On top of the username and password, users will also require to enter a one-time password, generated every time they log in.This one-time verification code is presented as an

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