• Funeral Script Php 1.2

    Funeral Script PHP is a pretty niche script. While anyone can install it, it's more wisely used by professionals working in this domain.Of course, if you know your way around PHP, you can easily hack Funeral Script PHP into a simple persons & informa

  • Fast Warn 1.0

    Fast Warn is a PHP application that uses an administration panel system to allow admin(s) to add various notifications, alerts or warnings and save them for later usage.These warning messages are stored in a local text file and can then be used at an

  • Fonts Site Script 2.01

    With an interface similar to's UI, Fonts Site Script is a pretty well designed solution for running your very own font forge on your own servers.Besides the PHP core responsible for running the site, Fonts Site Script also comes with a bui

  • Flat Paste

    Flat Paste is not a complicated script at all.In case you don't trust Pastebin or GitHub Gist, or you just hate when these services go offline and you can't access your texts, Flat Paste can provide a local, self-hosted alternative to use instead.To

  • Mail

    The 'mail' PHP library works by logging the IP address of a user accessing the script to text file and locking the file file via chmod.It doesn't do anything on its own but it can be used with other technologies to log IPs accessing a page or script,

  • Infinite-social-wall Beta2

    Written in PHP, it mashes up updates from a multitude of networks and presents them into an infinite scrolling web wall.Created to power the site and portofolio of, it has been open sourced and adopted by a multitude of users.Besides

  • Teamspeak3 Channelwatcher 1.0.2 / 1.1.0-beta.1

    TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other via the Internet.It allows developers to watch a TS3 channel and automatically remove dead channels.TeamSpeak3 ChannelWatcher works SQLite, PostgreSQL and M

  • Pawn For Geshi 1.0

    GeSHi is a PHP class for highlighting source code in various programming languages.This file simply adds support to GeSHi for the Pawn scripting language. Requirements:· GeSHi

  • Hexadecimal 2 Rgb Converter 1.2

    Useful for the new CSS3 RGBA property.Comes with a GUI, where the user can write the hex color code and get the appropriate RGB code.A demo is included with the download package. What's New in This Release: · Removed Steve Jobs banner.· Add

  • Url Expander

    It does not query an API via JavaScript, but instead it uses PHP to get the link's original headers. A working demo is included with the download package.

  • Where Have You Been All Your Life? 3.0

    The user can check some checkboxes or click the countries on the map to mark visited places.The PHP script uses GD to allow users to fill in visited countries with prechosen default colors. The final map with visited places can be exported to an imag

  • Display Shoutcast Listeners By Country

    It uses PHP and a MySQL database, alongside the IpToCountry database CSVs to detect from where the user is listening to the stream.

  • Crimemap r3

    The script is database-driven and uses the Google Maps service.Installation:Create a database and load the structure from crimemap.sql into MySQL.Place the extracted files somewhere appropriate under your webroot.Alter config.php to correspond to you

  • Resume Parser – Web Api 2.9

    It works with DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PDF and HTML formats.Admins can now save and manage lots of resumes which come to their work / job sites in piles.Documentation is included in the download package. Here are some key features of "Resume Parser – W

  • Noxbot 0.4.2

    It can perform many of the regular IRC commands and could be easily implemented as an module. Here are some key features of "NoxBot":· Basic IRC operations (like joining a channel, connecting, quitting, etc)· Authentication (Including privi

  • Resume Creator 2.1

    All the data is securely stored in a MySQL database. Here are some key features of "Resume Creator":· Free Online registration module· Easy steps to create a resume· Instant print or download· Can update online· Provide utili

  • Http_floodcontrol 0.1.1

    It also prevents an unique IP, session ID or identifier to download a large number of files or pages.The detection of flood is determine according to a set of parameters indicating the maximal allowed number of requests for the certain time interval.

  • Accounting System

    This is an accounting module which shows the current status of a company's accounts.Features - Add debit entries - Add credit entries - View all debit entries - View all credit entries - Generate a balance sheet. 

  • Download Uploader E-mail Linker 1.0

    Upload a file and send via e-mail a generated unique link to download.You go to upload.php and select a file to upload and a person to send a download link to. The purpose would be if you would like to send someone a file that will be held on a webse

  • Services_rickproof 0.1.0

    With Services_RickProof, you can check any suspect URL with this package and you will never get rick rolled again.Services_RickProof is an interface for communicating with - $ pear install -f Services_RickProof-0.1.0

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