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  • Super Simple Image Tiles

    By breaking up the larger image into smaller pieces, Super Simple Image Tiles prevents the user from having full access to the image (at least with no coding knowledge).When trying to drag the image into an editor, copy it or right-clicking on it, us

  • Php Photo Gallery v1.0

    PHP Photo Gallery is a Web-based portfolio manager, complete with a simple administration interface that lets users create and manage their galleries with the aid of a visual interface.Once everything set up, PHP Photo Gallery works entirely via the

  • Carrots 0.3

    Carrots uses a simple "file & folder" system to store the gallery's images.To install just copy Carrots to a Web folder.To create an album, go to the "/images" directory and create new folders for each album. The name of the folder will be the name o

  • Gallerycms 2.0

    GalleryCMS is not actually a CMS, but more of a photo manager, allowing the developer to easily upload images, organize them into albums and output the current structure as a JSON or XML feed.This feed can then be later parsed by more powerful tools

  • Imagecow 0.4.2

    Imagecow allows developers to resize and cut images to specified sizes via PHP variables.Other supported actions are changing image format, loading and displaying an image via PHP, merging multiple operations into one (resize and crop), getting image

  • Imagine 0.5.0

    The "Imagine" was built around the new features introduced with the PHP 5.3.x branch and is designed for applications and websites running the latest versions of the PHP interpreter.All the code follows OOP coding rules and can be easily integrated w

  • Free Php Gallery

    Free PHP Gallery allows users to run their own photo and gallery management application right from their own servers.It works out of the box and does not need a database to store photos and their details. Installation:Unpack the script.Edit the setti

  • Simple-webcomic

    Simple-Webcomic provides a very basic interface for graphic artitsts to publish their comic strips online.The script works in a very simple way. Authors only need to place their strips inside the 'comics' folder and the listing is automatically updat

  • Galleryshuffle 1.0

    GalleryShuffle is an extremely easy tool to use in uploading, organizing and viewing images on the Web.It comes with an administration panel where albums and images can be created, and an HTML 5 powered front-end for visitors to view the uploaded pho

  • Quicksnaps 1.1.0

    QuickSnaps is written in PHP and utilizes other Web technologies like CodeIgniter, jQuery, FancyBox, jCrop, Uploadify and jGrowl.Perfect for running your own, stand-alone image gallery website. Here are some key features of "QuickSnaps":· Themea

  • Nah E-book/webcomic Displayer v1.0

    Comics and/or e-books can be added as folders, pages being considered the images inside those folders.For this to actually work, the developer needs to check the README file for file and folder naming conventions.As comics and images are added, the n

  • Ajaxmint Gallery v1

    Very easy to install and get running, Ajaxmint is a perfect fit for small, lightweight, minimalistic image galleries. Here are some key features of "Ajaxmint Gallery":· Graphic install script· Password protected admin dashboard· Manage

  • Thumb.php

    Comes complete with a caching system for not rendering the same thumbnail over and over again. Here are some key features of "Thumb.php":· File-based and browser-based cache system· Crop or resize image· Zoom image before thumbnailing&

  • Minecraft Avatar

    The script creates a 8x8 px avatar based on the user's skin and other Minecraft details. Here are some key features of "Minecraft Avatar":· Default avatar in case the username does not exist· Can be resized at any size from 8 to 250 pixels&

  • Snapmaker 1.0

    Written in PHP, allows users to share photos, tag them and even put them up for sale. Here are some key features of "SnapMaker":· Facebook-like, Ajaxified interface· Add and manage advertising· Private and public albums· User hist

  • Photoshare 1.1

    Also comes with a e-commerce module for selling photos if needed. Here are some key features of "PhotoShare":· Secure user login system· Ajaxified· Commenting system· Single or multi-file uploader· Upload history· Config

  • Php Watermarker

    Works by allowing the user (via a GUI) to select a watermark and the original image to apply it to.A demo is included with the download package. Read the instructions before using.

  • Simple Jquery / Php Image Gallery

    Can be used in creating simple styled image galleries.By default no extra CSS decorates the gallery, so it can be easily integrated with any other PHP script/website.On the top a list of available images are shown in thumbnail form.Clicking one will

  • Unique Mosaic 1.0.0

    Working in tandem with a MySQL database, the script allows developers to add huge sets of images and create large, zoomable image mosaics.The "Unique Mosaic" system detects the average color per every uplaoded image and uses it as a small piece in th

  • Retina Images 1.4.1

    Works by setting a cookie with the device's aspect ratio and delivering images at different qualities based on that setting.If the aspect ratio is bigger than 1, a high resolution version of the desired image is server.If a high-res version isn't ava

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