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  • Icecoder 3.5 / 4.0-beta

    ICEcoder was built around the fantastic CodeMirror JavaScript code editor, and comes with lots of utilities that allows developers to write code and run it via their browser only.No need for a specialized IDE, just a browser and a Web server. ICEcode

  • Baseline.php 0.1

    If a developer is not using a framework, where all of these functions are included by default, then he must load tens of libraries and classes for handling basic tasks related to regular coding patterns and techniques.The Baseline.php library gathers

  • Sculpin

    Sculpin works just like DocPad, Jekyll or Phrozn.It reads template files, reads content files stored in a different location, and then it merges them together in static HTML files, ready to be served to users at any time.For the template engine Sculp

  • Abundant 0.1

    Abundant can work together with a flat-file or relational SQL database (via the Doctrine ORM), take its well-organized data, and put it in an administration interface which developers can use to edit it easier.In layman's terms, the framework is basi

  • Php-user Agent Parser

    User-agent strings are a series of details unique to each user accessing a website.The user-agent string holds information about the user's browser version, browser type, operating system and so on.This information can be parsed and used by developer

  • Geotools 0.3.2

    Built on top of the Geocoder and React PHP libraries, Geotools allows developers to create geographically-savvy services that can deal with various formats geographical data usually gets shipped in.Supporting a huge array of features, Geotools will b

  • Shunt 2.1.1

    Capistrano is a Ruby tool that enables developers to run scripts in parallel on multiple servers and environments via SSH.Shunt practically implements the same functionality, only via PHP.Just like Capistrano, Shunt can make for an ideal deployment s

  • Plates 2.1.0

    The term "native template engine" refers to the fact it uses classic <?php ... ?> code to insert content inside placeholders/markers based on a simple set of criteria.The opposite of a native template engine is the likes of Smarty or Twig,

  • Pattern Lab 0.7.12

    Pattern Lab uses concepts like atoms, molecules, organisms, pages and templates to assemble and produce a website from the PHP command line.In Pattern Lab atoms are basic HTML elements like checkboxes, paragraphs or buttons.Molecules are atom groups,

  • Slash 3.0.0

    The slash library provides developers with a better and finer-tuned solution for manipulating URLs, compared to PHP's own parse_url function.The library will split URI strings into component parts and allow programmatic access to each and every one o

  • Createphp 1.0.0

    Create.js is a technology agnostic package for Content Management Systems that lets their users edit the content of a website right on the page they're on. CreatePHP adapts this useful technology to work with PHP-generated websites and PHP-based CMS

  • Admin-ui

    Admin-UI uses simple JSON configs to store information about data categories, the items inside them and individual structural data about the item itself.Only structural schemas will be stored inside the JSON , while the user generated data is sent to

  • Address-geocoder-php

    Address-Geocoder-PHP takes an address field in text form and converts it to latitude and longitude values.There's a demo with the Address-Geocoder-PHP package included, which will retrieve the response and print it out as a PHP array.Script usage ins

  • Macchiato 0.0.5-dev

    Macchiato works and can be used in two ways:- It can take CoffeeScript code and convert it to JavaScript- It can take CoffeeScript, convert it to JavaScript, execute the JS code and pass the results to the PHP environment (via the SpiderMonkey PECL e

  • Postalcodebundle 0.1.0

    PostalcodeBundle uses the public XML or JSON API to get a postal code for a given city or Netherlands region.The package can also validate to see if a given number is a valid postal code in Holland. Requirements:

  • Codiad 2.1.9

    Codiad is a Web-based source code editor that for once uses PHP and client-side JavaScript instead of the over-done Node.js approach.This means Codiad is easier to install and host, compared to the Node.js versions that are out of reach for some deve

  • Respect\doc 0.1.0-alpha

    In simpler terms Respect\Doc is a documentation generator.Besides raw comment text, Markdown syntax is also supported, but optional.The library is PSR-0 compatible and it comes with PEAR and Composer packages. Requirements:· PHP 5.3 or high

  • Respect\loader 0.2.0

    Respect\Loader gives a developer complete control over an app or website by allowing him to dynamically call upon PHP code from everywhere in the code.Respect\Loader is PSR-0 compatible and it comes with PEAR and Composer packages. Requirem

  • Respect\template 0.1.5

    Respect\Template allows a developer to modify the layout of a page via placeholders and have the content automatically shift too.It's a basic implementation of a template engine running on PHP, for HTML-based content sites.The library is PSR-0 c

  • Respect\validation 0.4.4

    Respect\Validation was created for checking input data to make sure it's of a certain type before taking an action that might be potentially harmful or destructive.Respect\Validation is not only great for checking form inputs, but can be th

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