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  • Ionize Cms 1.0.4

    Ionize was built on top of the CodeIgniter PHP framework.Therefore it leverages all the years of development, security patches and features that went into CodeIgniter, providing a top of the line PHP CMS for managing your websites in peace and with a

  • Alliancecms alpha1

    AllianceCMS allows developers to build modern websites using modern technologies and tools.The CMS was created to be used on the Web today, with a lot more social features being shipped out of the box, unlike regular CMSs that ship them with plugins.

  • Qool Cms 2.0 RC2.01

    Qool CMS uses modern technologies to let webmasters build their own websites with ease.It works just like most CMS, using an admin panel (Bootstrap-powered) to let them add, edit and remove content from the site at will. Here are some key features of

  • Typo3 Neos 1.0.0 Alpha 1

    TYPO3 Neos was created by the TYPO3 CMS team, and it was developed on top of the TYPO3 Flow PHP framework.It works as any other CMS, with the help of a visual interface, allowing easy content administration. Here are some key features of "TYPO3 Neos"

  • Cockpit 1.0.0

    Cockpit is not your classic CMS. It's not your point-click & edit experience, focusing more on versatility and data management operations more than the WYSIWYG editing experience.Cockpit is organized in regions and collections.Regions are editable an

  • Agni Cms 1.2

    Agni CMS was developed to reduce development time when working on CodeIgniter-powered projects.The CMS automates various operations and abstracts many to a GUI, allowing CI developers to simply deploy Agni to anywhere they need a new website project

  • Rubedo 1.2.2

    Rubedo strays away from classic PHP CMSs, using MongoDB as a data storage unit instead of MySQL.This means Rubedo is perfect for large data flows and structures, all without large drops in performance or any other problems that may plague similar sys

  • Redaxo 4.5 / 5.0 Alpha 7

    REDAXO is for technical and non-technical users alike, helping them launch their websites within minutes.REDAXO utilizes easy to understand UX and UI patterns to allow admins to edit their content with the help of a visual user interface panel.Everyt

  • Fervoare Cms

    Fervoare is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store its content.It is heavily AJAXified and includes framework-like utilities along with the GUI that comes with a classical CMS.Fervoare can be used from normal one-page sites to complicated

  • Openportfolio 1.0

    OpenPortfolio is a CMS geared toward Web professionals and artists.It will help them showcase their graphic work, organized in categories and focused on the art, rather than the rest of the website.OpenPortfolio is great because it works without a co

  • Opencms Alpha

    OpenCMS works as any other CMS, allowing users to create a website via a simple to use GUI.OpenCMS is mostly for developers, having a raw admin panel, but usable nevertheless. Limitations:· Still under development.

  • Horizon Qcms 4.0

    Horizon QCMS can be used in creating and publishing a small site or blog.It can be used for small to medium projects, with built-in support for lots of useful features. Here are some key features of "Horizon QCMS":· Automatic menu creation·

  • Escher Cms 0.9.2

    Escher CMS is a small content management system that can run on top of MySQL or SQLite databases, created for the administration of small to medium websites.Escher is easy to use, and to install, allowing technical and non-technical users to easily g

  • Xpressengine

    XpressEngine is a PHP script that allows beginners and advanced programmers alike to organize a site's content using a visual admin interface.The CMS has a very powerful core, supporting a wide variety of features for easier content management and us

  • Koken 0.8.1

    Koken is a CMS (content management system) specifically crafted for artists and photographers, that makes image and video management a breeze.It includes all the features of a classical CMS, but with more focus on managing files and especially images

  • No-cms 0.6.2

    No-CMS is based around CodeIgniter and is not a fully working CMS, but merely a frame on which they can be built.No-CMS is not limited to CMSs, but can be used for a wide variety of Web tools as well. Here are some key features of "No-CMS":· Ins

  • Peardrop Cms 0.2.3

    Peardrop CMS is a system that enables technical and non-technical users to install and setup a website within minutes.It satisfies both user categories by providing a WYSIWYG interface for easy content adding, while also enabling more advanced users

  • Schladmin 0.7.2

    SchlAdmin works as any regular CMS, but for small to medium school activities only.It helps school headmasters and teachers track their school's educational activities via a nicely crafted Web-based admin interface.It is not a complete LMS, but it wi

  • Kisscms 1.5

    KISSCMS uses a simple concept to store, edit and organize a site's content inside a local SQLite database.It uses templates to arrange content and a very minimal admin panel to manage site settings and page text.KISSCMS is also portable, being easy t

  • Bigtree Cms 4.0 RC2

    Built on PHP and MySQL, BigTree CMS is for creating websites via a nice, simple, intuitive GUI.It allows non-technical users to install a website, while also keeping technical users happy with lots of customizable options and fin-tuning controls. Her

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