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  • Open Source Chat

    The "Open Source Chat" name is misleading. The script is actually offered under a commercial license.Coded in PHP, the Open Source Chat script is an on-page IM tool, a chat window that can be overlayed on all site pages and provide a quick way for us

  • Ajax Chat v0.8.7

    AJAX Chat allows users to register and login into a chat room channel and have discussions with other users across the Web.This script is ideal for any online community, and can be a real utility for customer support centers, allowing them to solve c

  • Forum (lyjen)

    The "Forum" script allows registered and authenticated users to participate in various discussion topics, using a post/message listing layout resembling the Facebook chat.A user can start a discussion and then anyone else registered can participate i

  • Tiny Tiny Irc 0.8-1

    Tiny Tiny IRC is quite a powerful tool, being able to work with multiple clients connected at the same time and with multiple channel connections for each user individually.Coded on top of the Bootstrap framework, the interface is easy to use and has

  • Cometchat 5.2.0

    CometChat is a professional online chat script that can be easily added to any website and enable site users to talk to each other or with the site owner.It can be used for providing a real-time customer support system, but it can also be used just f

  • Iflychat Php Client 1.0.1

    The iFlyChat PHP client actually embeds a chat system powered by the iFlyChat service.Once activated and properly configured, it will allow users accessing the website to communicate with its owner or with each other.iFlychat-powered chat rooms can a

  • Freichat 8.6.1

    FreiChat is a PHP and MySQL system for talking with your friends online.It can be embedded on any page and will allow users to have discussions with their friends right on top of a public Web page.FreiChat can be used from simple project collaboratio

  • Phergie 2.1.0

    Phergie is very easy to install.Just point the config to an IRC room, pass it authentication credentials, a nick and tell it what to do (automate).Phergie can be easily extended via plugins. Requirements:· PHP 5.2 or higher What's New in This Re

  • Teamspeak3 Webviewer v1.4.1 / v1.2

    Written in PHP, it will allow webmasters to setup multiple web interfaces for viewing the content (channels, members, etc.) of a TS3 server.TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other via the Internet

  • Ircbot 1.2

    It is a collection of PHP classes for automating certain IRC chat actions like logins, automated messages, channel control etc.. Limitations:· No documentation except the source code comments. What's New in This Release: · Creating SH file

  • Chatnow 1.1

    The chat can be integrated into any stand-alone website or complex CMS. Here are some key features of "chatNow":· Videos support· Admin interface· Login form· CAPTCHA verification on login· Chat rooms· Automatic scrollin

  • Pusher Chat

    The scripts uses Pusher credentials (API key, app ID), connects to its services and sets up/retrieves chat data.It can be used by users to connect to an already existent chat conversation, or to set up  a totally new one.By default it comes with

  • Minichatbox

    Chat data is saved in a locally stored HTML file.The chat box runs only on a web server. Here are some key features of "MiniChatbox":· Free PHP chatbox· Allows the use of emoticons· 'b' and 'i' HTML tags can be used in text· In bu

  • Ichatbox v1.1

    Written in PHP, MySQL, jQuery and on top of the iWebKit fraemwork, it allows users to exchange messages between them. Here are some key features of "iChatbox":· Chatbox with support for both mobile and pc· Able to view mobile sent messages

  • Basic Chat Room v2

    Installation is kind of difficult, needing advanced PHP and MySQL knowledge, but instructions are provided in the documentation. Here are some key features of "Basic Chat Room":· Usernames are unique to users currently chatting· Can see a

  • Video Recorder 1.16

    The video recorder allows site users to record webcam videos easily from website pages, including high definition recordings.Videos are recorded as FLV files on the RTMP server and can be played trough the RTMP protocol or by HTTP players as on YouTu

  • Video Consultation 1.68

    It comes as a Joomla and PHP-only component to be integrated into working websites.It was designed for few to many 2 way moderated video communication. Moderators control what participant is displayed on main screen (speaker) and can also add an addi

  • Video Messenger Live Instant Cam Script 1.16

    This allows website users to instantly connect on live 1 to 1 private webcam video chats.Users see a list of online users connected to a room. They can ask any other participant to start a video chat session using their cams.It comes in a PHP-version

  • Live Webcam Video Streaming Script 2.75

    The script has features like Justin TV, Ustream TV, Mogulus, Stickam, Blog TV or their clones.This application provides web based live video streamingIt contains an application to broadcast video with realtime configuration of resolution, framerate,

  • Video Conference Website Scripts 2.86

    VideoWhisper Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool. It can be used stand alone or integrated as extra feature to existing sites. This software allows users to establish multiple web based concu

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