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  • Qrman 1.0

    QRMAN can be installed on any server running PHP and will help users create accounts and shorten URLs for using on Twitter or anywhere else.It additionally comes with a QR code generation mechanism, making sure the URLs can be scanned and accessed vi

  • Simple Bookmark

    It allows users to add or remove links from inside a widget.Userids (integer) or any string key (email, username, IP-Address) can be used to identify users. Requirements:· PHP 5 or higher· MySQL 5 or higher

  • Popularity Checker 1.2

    The script operates in HTTP mode, crawling through the site, from the home page and following internal links.For each page of the site, it researches on Del.icio.sus the number of "saved". To do so it downloads the page of favorites and extract the n

  • Tukanas Bookmark Script

    By using the Tukanas Bookmark script visitors could store, organize and share bookmarks of web pages. In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages they want to remember and /or share. People allowed to view these bookmarks can do so

  • Favorites Links 2.0

    This fun little script allows your users to have their own ´my favorite sites´ links on your web page. They can change them at anytime. The links are actually stored in the browser via cookies so no storage is used on your site. Easy to i

  • Linkmanager

    This is a bookmarks organizer type script you can use to save links and sort them into categories. It was created to quickly and easily add/edit/delete links, you simply type in a URL and Category to create a new category with the link in it, or

  • Bookmarks Favourites Script

    This PHP Bookmarks script is a web-based program that allows you to store your bookmarks and display them in many useful ways. This script will sort your bookmarks with usability in mind, keeping often-used bookmarks at your fingertips. It has a book

  • Wannaberichtoo Social Bookmarking Script

    Social Bookmarking has recently developed into a powerful technique for search engine optimization, gaining back links to your sites and developing your internet presence. But the problem is bookmarking these many, many sites is a time consuming proc

  • Roaming Nomad 0.7a

    Roaming nomad is a personal online link database engine (portable bookmarks) written in PHP and utilizing MySQL. Features are: Lightness (only link managing, no bloating functionality planed), Portability (easily set-up on host of choice, accessible

  • Cutemarks 1.0.2

    CuteMarks is a cute little bookmark manager for public and/or private use on a Webserver with the help of PHP and MySQL. It's speciality is to work without cookies, javascript and graphics but still maintaining the full flavours of bookmark mananager

  • Linkbase 3.0RC2

    LinkBase is a free (GNU/GPL) web application designed to manage the Internet bookmarks of an organization by centralizing those links in a single place place. Once a link is in the base, it can be shared with anyone that has access to LinkBase. LinkB

  • Bookmark Entropy Search Technology

    Bookmark Entropy Search Technology (BEST) uses a set of server-side PHP scripts in conjunction with a modified Firefox plug-in to permit users to share their bookmarks in a variety of formats (text, HTML, XML, and RSS) filtered by user specified crit

  • 1.7 is a system to organize the bookmarks added to your web. Same as, you can manage your bookmars, but with you can do it in your own web page. project is 'Open Source' (you can use and change the original code f

  • Marktree 0.4

    Manage your bookmarks and notes anywhere! It is a simple, extensible and easy-to-use Web-based bookmark management and tree UI tool. Bookmarks are stored as text files and managed with PHP. Javascript-based keyboard navigation. MarkTree is released a

  • Bbps 0.7

    bbps is a simple and small PHP application to store bookmarks on a server. It is different in that bookmarks are not stored in folders, but each bookmark can be assigned to an indefinite number of categories.

  • Sitebar 3.3.9

    This tool will store bookmarks online, so a user won't need to save and synchronize them wherever he goes.The bookmarks are displayable/modifiable in almost any standards compliant browser. SiteBar is a ready to use Internet Explorer Favorites Manage

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