Pcommerce v1.0b1

Written in Python for Plone it supports normal e-commerce functions like payments, shipments, a shopping cart, invoicing, and much more. Here are some key features of "PCommerce":
· Product variations.
· Multiple prices per product to support special prices per user or group (over the sharing tab) and prices only available for a specific time (by using the expiration date).
· Multiple pluggable payment methods.
· Multiple pluggable shipment methods.
· Multiple taxes by zone.
· Pre and post tax charges per payment and shipment method.
· Component based checkout to easily customize the checkout process.
· Multiple currencies by using Products.CurrencyUtility.
· Plone
What's New in This Release:
· Plone 4 compatibility.
· Remove PTS utility.
· Fix JavaScripts under query 1.4.2.
· Browser view need a index attribute instead the call method.
· Remove actionsicons because is no more supported in Plone 4.
· Fix access of user-order.

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