Overshare v1.2.0

Overshare was created thanks to the hard and complicated process developers must go when coding for iOS to add simple social sharing controls to an application.
Overshare is nothing more than a collection of ready-made utilities and tools that can easily be plugged in within any project and provide a quick, non-intrusive way of sharing data on various social networks or services.
The library even comes with its own iOS 7 ready user interface, that works as a slide-up panel from the bottom of your viewport.
Inside it the active social sharing services will be portrayed as icons which users can select to share their desired content on.
Most major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, App.net, Pocket, Readability, etc. are supported.
Of course, if you can code in Objective-C new services can easily be added based on a wireframed structure.
Besides this, support for in-app purchases and custom URL schemes are also included.

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