Open Flash Chart vVersion 2 Lug Wyrm Charmer

With the launch of version 2, OCF switched to JSON as the default file format.
Nevertheless, V1 is compatible and can be used at the same time with V2.
Here are some key features of "Open Flash Chart":
General Features:
· Tooltips encourage user interactivity and data exploration
· Re-size the charts
· Save the chart as an image
· Can highlight or emphasize one (or many) points
Chart Types:
· Line Charts
· Bar Charts
· Horizontal Bar Chart
· Stacked Bar Chart
· Candle Chart
· Area Charts
· Pie Charts
· Scatter Charts
· Radar Charts
Chart Elements:
· Title
· X Axis
· Y Axis (left and right)
· X Legend
· Y Legend
· Background
· Tooltip
· Null Values
· Click events
· Loading message
· Labels, Tags
· Draw Shapes
· Menu
· Save as image
· Many charts on one page
· Flash player installed
What's New in This Release:
· Read this blog post about the load from URL and load from JavaScript functions, by Jason.
· Added "negative-colour" to the candle charts bug report.
· Added tags, labels.
· Added arrows.
· Patch from Simone Capra, added add_tooltip to ofc_bar_stack.php
· Added attach_to_right_y_axis to bar_base -- I wonder why this was never there? Doesn't anyone use the right Y axis with bar charts?

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