Mygallery Php Script v1.7.2

MyGallery is a simple picture gallery presentation script that uses flat files for saving necessary data (no mysql database needed).

The first view shows the list of existing galleries. When clicking on one of them this specific gallery is presented photo by photo (either by slideshow or by clicking through them manually).

The admin panel lets you upload single pictures or whole ZIP archives (with all photos [JPGs only!] for the specific gallery packed in it). So you don't have to upload photo by photo! Also you can edit, delete existing galleries of course.


MyGallery lets you define a watermark overlay PNG image (with transparency).
Images may be resized now according to their format mode (portrait/landscape). 
It lets you decide between creating new folders by PHP or by FTP. This might be useful on servers with SAFE_MODE on. Thanks to Mike (aka 'sidtheduck') for contributing his workaround!
Ability to limit the number of thumbnails being displayed in gallery overview mode.
MyGallery lets you define whether to crop thumbnail images to a given size or just resize them.
Enjoy the auto slideshow for the lightbox!
MyGallery comes with Lokesh Dhakar's fantastic Lightbox JS 2.0 Script.
PHP code inside the template definitions is executed before put out.
MyGallery offers better support for ZIP archives (more compatible with common PHP builds). Also you now can upload archives containing subfolders.
In MyGallery pictures are no longer renamed when uploaded (except very bad charcters like 'é, à, ñ...'). So it is possible to determine the order of the pictures in a gallery by naming the files appropriately before uploading or afterwards in the edit mode of a specific gallery. Pictures will then be listed alphabetically (ascending!)
MyGallery is now basing on templates: One for the galleries overview list, one for the gallery overview and one for the single picture view. These templates are very easily editable so it's now even easier to make MyGallery fit in your site.

The new often requested feature is now implemented: Paging on the gallery overview page. So it won't be no more problem if you have lots of galleries.

The script's installation is done in 4. steps: Editing config. variables, uploading of the 4 files & 1 folder, changing permissions of the 2 data files and the folder.

The script uses flat files to store the gallery infos & the admin logging data. So no MySQL or any other databases are needed.

It's very easy to add a new gallery: Just upload a ZIP archive with the JPGs in it. So you don't have to upload photo by photo.

If GD library is installed on your server thumbnails are automatically generated.

You can include the MyGallery script wherever you like into any existing site's design.

Version 1.2.1 now also runs as module for phpwcms

From now on you don't have to resize the original pictures on your own any more. Just zip and upload them. They're resized by the script (size can be set in the config). Requirements:
· PHP must be compiled with GD library >= 2.0.1

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