• Mypath.m

    It omits directories inside the MATLAB toolbox folder. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Parseargs

    It's suitable for parsing function arguments supplied as name-value pairs like 'XLim',[0 10],'YLim',[0 100].parseargs is based on the same idea as "parse_pv_pairs", but this function handles names and values for properties in any order, and assigns t

  • Find_signal

    The find_system function can't search for blocks by specifying just one of their input or output signal names.The user can search for blocks with a specific set of input or output names by using the InputSignalNames and OutputSignalNames parameters,

  • Allbd

    Loaded block diagrams may also be libraries, so they are not visible all time.This function fixes this. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.3· Simulink

  • Allparams

    All parameters are listed for a specified Simulink object (if no object is specified, the current object's properties are listed by default).The parameters are sorted alphabetically by name, and the value of each is shown where possible.It is conside

  • Visualize Output Of Bwlabel

    A label matrix is returned by BWLABEL, which displays each object's label number on top of the object itself. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

  • Timeit Benchmarking Function

    The time is measured in seconds.TIMEIT handles automatically the usual benchmarking procedures of "warming up" F, figuring out how many times to repeat F in a timing loop, etc.TIMEIT uses a median to form a reasonably robust time estimate.The functio

  • Random Integer Generator

    The outputted integers are selected and pulled from an uniform distribution to make selection of integers equally probable.This program is intended to be especially quick with very large ranges of integers and selecting only a very small number of th

  • Geospace

    If both a and b are positive or if both a and b are negative. Otherwise a pseudo-geometric sequence is calculated.The sequence can be an increasing or decreasing sequence.Flag controls whether the product factors increase from a to b or from b to a.I

  • Find Numbers In A String

    The script can handle integers, complex, real and currency (dollars).It finds all of the numbers in a string and returns an numeric array, nums, with all of the numbers that were found.By specifying flag as 1,2,3 or 4, the program will find: complex

  • C3d_vaxd2pc

    The function doesn't import the contents of the C3D files into the MATLAB environment.C3D is a file format commonly used in biomechanics and motion analysis. Floating point numbers can be stored in 3 different ways in C3D files: VAX-D, IEEE-LE and IE

  • Autowarndlg

    The code is written in MATLAB and will popup only when working on MATLAB applications.A warning dialog is displayed with a flashing exclamation mark.The dialog is terminated automatically with the default reply, if the user does not press a button in

  • Cstrainbp

    The function performs similarly or better than other scripts like INTERSECT, ISMEMBER, SETDIFF and UNION.Cell strings will need to be supplied as input variables. If needed case sensitivity can be activated.The output of the function will output indi

  • Cstr2string

    This function equals other MATLAB functions CAT(2, C{:}) and SPRINTF('%s', C{:}), but is remarkably faster.It needs as input a cell string of any size (all not-empty cell elements must be strings) and a string (which will be appended to every string

  • Cstrcatstr

    It needs strings or cell strings as inputs, with at least one of them being a cell string.A cell string with the same size as the input cell will be outputted. Here are some key features of "CStrCatStr":Comparison with Matlab's STRCAT:· MEX vers

  • Randspace

    It can also support intervals of allocation and step ranges. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.1 or higher

  • General Object Display

    This MATLAB tool displays the nested structure of an object or structure. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Updownsample

    In order to obtain a reasonable up/down sampling, the matrix/vector should be continuous of a high degree.Speed-up can be achieved if the user up-samples to a near power of 2. No optimization is done inside this code for efficient fft usage. Requirem

  • Iccroot

    Most application installers put ICC profiles into a special operating system directory, where they can be used by many other applications and drivers.The function returns the operating system specific directory for a particular version of Mac OS X or

  • Icclist

    .icc and .icm extensions are supported by the function.Use ICCROOT with ICCLIST to find the profiles in the default profile directory.Use ICCFIND to search for profiles by name. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.1 or higher

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