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  • Cryptaes

    This function en/decrypts data with the AES-Rijndeal algorithm with the roust "Cipher block chaining", known as CBC and described in RFC3602.Calling a JAVAX or MEX version is dramatically faster, but this implementation avoids external functions.The

  • Calcmd5

    This tool calculates the MD5 sum for files, byte streams or strings.MD5 is a 128 bit message digest developped by the RSA Data Security Inc. and described in the RFC 1321.The sum can be replied as [1 x 16] double vector, [1 x 32] hexadecimal number o

  • Rapidly Generate Rsa Private And Public Keys Up To 2048 Bits

    The Java code contains all the calculation routines. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.1.0 or higher· This function uses Java

  • Compute Hash Using Md2, Md5, Sha-1, Sha-256, Sha-384, Or Sha-512

    This function computes a digest using a hash function chosen from among SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD2 or MD5.It can hash strings or variables of several data types. Use "help hash" for more information. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.4 or hig

  • Pass_protect

    The user of the file will have to enter the file's password for the first time he opens the file per session, or until a 'clear all' command is entered. Here are some key features of "pass_protect":· Will not alter the input M-file.· Verbos

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