• Emgr 2.0

    Gramians are terms related to linear Algebra. Empirical gramians are matrices that can be used to calculate attributes of linear and nonlinear control systems.These control system can be used either for model order reduction (MOR), system identificat

  • Buffering And Taking The Mean Of The Buffer Contents

    This could be very useful model when used in signal processing.The file filters disturbances in ADC signals. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.11 or higher· Simulink

  • Fifo Queue

    The supplied *.mdl file performs basic FIFO queue operations.FIFO is an acronym for First In, First Out, an abstraction in ways of organizing and manipulation of data relative to time and prioritization. (source: Wikipedia) Requirements:· MATLAB

  • Iris Location

    It uses Hough Transform to detect circles in binary images.By default the script looks for circle-shaped clouds of pixels. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.4 or higher

  • Lfsr

    Can be used in cryptography, spread spectrum, information security and other fields of activityLSFR stands for 'Linear Feedback Shift Register'. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.11 or higher

  • Cielab2cmc_de

    It handles CIELAB and CMC codes. Requirements:· MATLAB 5.3 or higher

  • Plot Overlapping Regions With Lines

    The function eases overlapping data sets being displayed on on top of the another.It could be used for any purposes where complicated graphs must be generated. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher

  • Download Google Finance Stock Prices

    The user can select the type of data to retrieve, the start and end date of the time span. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.10 or higher

  • Stock Predication

    The download package contains a PDF file with instructions.No .m file included. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.2 or higher

  • Truth Table Generator

    It creates a truth table, a 2 to the power of N by N matrix of 1's and 0's binary values. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

  • Gpib For Esp300 Newport

    It's a GPIB control, interface and driver for the ESP300 controller.It supports manual and automatic modes. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.1 or higher· MATLAB's Instrument Control Toolbox· MATLAB's Control System Toolbox

  • Hr4000 Spectrometer In Matlab

    This M file acquires and processes data from the HR4000 spectrometer using a chirp Fourier transform spectrum. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Ballistics Problem Gui

    It comes with a changeable initial angle, velocity, air drag, horizontal wind and more.It can show body trajectory in real time, accelerated or time step fixed.It is possible to add air friction and wind.All parameters are adjustable. Requirements:&#

  • Waveform Generator Gui

    It generates a wave formed signal and plays it inside an interactive GUI with movable data points.The user can define the form of one period of the signal, to be applied to the rest of it.It is possible to move points with the mouse.Nearest, linear,

  • Eular Angles Gui

    It shows the practical visualization of angle rotations when modifying Euler angles.A video of the interface in action can be viewed here. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.1.0 or higher

  • 2d Gas Simulation Interactive

    The user can even touch the molecule balls with his mouse cursor and imprint its speed to them.A video of a 2D simulation fo gas molecules can be seen here. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher

  • Sphere Without Poles

    Other included functions permit the user to compare different sphere, animate the sphere and create a movie with the sphere iteration process.A video showingthe iteration process of a sphere can be seen here. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

  • Cross Product Visualization

    A and B can have random smooth motions.It basically rotates an object in 3D.A video of what the script can do is hosted on YouTube here. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

  • Blast Simulation Gui

    After running blast_simulator.m, the interface will be started, giving the user access to all adjustable parameters.A video of the GUI in action can be seen here. Here are some key features of "Blast simulation GUI":· Adjustable parameters·

  • Time Reversal Simulation

    It calculates the equations of a 2D wave on a surface, with support for obstacles and reflecting waves coming from that object when the initial wave hits. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.9 or higher

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