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  • Pa-wavplay

    The zip file contains 3 separate MEX file DLLs, one for ASIO, one for Windows audio, and one for DirectX.See the included pa_wavplay.m, pa_wavrecord.m, and pa_wavplayrecord.m for documentation.The open source portaudio API is used in pa_wavplay.The u

  • Octave Centre Frecuencies

    1/fr-octaves bands are currently supported.Also the lower and upper edge of every frequency band (from 20Hz to 20 KHz)can be calculated using this script. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Nsound

    NSOUND plays a single note for a specified duration.NSOUND recognizes traditional english notaion, e.g., C, G#, E, etc..It currently supports three octaves. Requirements:· MATLAB 7 or higher

  • Nplay

    It uses the 'nsound' function to create pitch vectors for each note and MATLAB's sound function to play the created music.Each row of the cell array music represents one note to be played, and the duration to play it.The notes are specified using sta

  • Piano Notes Recognition Research

    88 .wav files are included with the download package for testing purposes.Test results:1 note: 93% of right answers 2 notes simultaneously : 61% of right answers 3 notes simultaneously : 31% of right answers 4 notes simultaneously : 13% of right answ

  • Speech Recognition

    The input voice signal will be correlated with voice signals already recorded in previous sessions.All recorded audio patterns must be placed in the working directory. If both voice signals match an "allow signal" will be generated.Otherwise an "acce

  • Motion Detection In A Video

    It can handle multiple continuous frames processing, while also displaying the moving object in a window.To process a video file, the video's format must be supported in MATLAB itself. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher· MATLAB's Image Pro

  • Rgb Triple Of Color Name Version 2

    139 color names are now supported.RGB = RGB('COLORNAME') returns the red-green-blue triple corresponding to the color named COLORNAME according to the CSS3 proposed standard.The color names are the ones accepted by almost all web browsers, for exampl

  • Intellicam

    This motion detection script is written in MATLAB. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.9 or higher· MATLAB's Image Acquisition Toolbox· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox· MATLAB's Video and Image Processing Blockset· PIC microcontroller&

  • Grids On Image

    It will help with measurements, image processing, adjustments and more. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.1 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

  • Filled Circle

    To select the cropped area, the user must use his mouse.He must click two points. The first is the center of the circle, the second being the circle's radius. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.1 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

  • Circle On Image

    To draw a circle on the given image there is information required. 2 points which are going to be marked by mouse click, must be set.The 1st point is the midpoint of the circle. The 2nd point is the radius of the circle. Requirements:· MATLAB 7

  • Speak The Recognitized Character

    The function uses morphological operation of hit and miss transform to recognize characters and uses Microsoft speech API for text to speech conversion.The character size of the integers present in the photo must be exactly 26, otherwise it may not r

  • Lab Color Scale

    The color scale is computed using the L*a*b* color space.It follows a uniform ramp along the L* direction, and it follows a semicircular path in the a*-b* plane.Lab color scale comes with a GUI that allows to experiment easily with different input pa

  • Hough Accumulator Bin Pixels

    The hough_bin_pixels function finds all the white pixels in a binary image that corespond to a particular accumulator bin in the Hough transform. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.3 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

  • Display Pixels And Pixel Values

    showPixelValues displays image pixels, a pixel grid, and superimposed pixel values.The function uses the impixelregion feature from MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox.Unlike an impixelregion figure, though, the figure created by showPixelValues can be

  • Uiflash

    Backgrounds, buttons, text, figures, figure elements, window size, window position, and much more elements of the user interface can be animated to draw attention.It has good implementation in cases where an user's input value has been entered wrong.

  • Pendulum On Circular Track

    This is ideal for an idealized pendulum with mass-less arm of length L, traveling along a vertical circular track of radius R with constant angular velocity W.This program will integrate the equations of motion given the above parameters and initial

  • Animeuler

    If called with no arguments, this function will animate a 3-1-3 rotation using angles 45,30,60; numbers also used in the place of null values. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher Limitations:· CPU/GPU intensive.

  • Watt Linkage Animation

    More details, example and usage instructions are included in the download package. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher

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