• Master's Mind

    Code Breaker will guess the CODE assumed by Code Maker.The Hint provided by Code Maker should provide the information of Blacks & Whites.BLACK represents Correct Color in Correct Position.WHITE represents Correct Color in Wrong Position.The COLOR tha

  • Guess Number

    The number needs to be between 1 and 63. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.5 or higher

  • Knight_tour

    The game's objective is to cover as much of a chess board with one knight piece. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.5 or higher

  • Bingo

    It perfectly simulates a classical Bingo board game.The 5X5 board is filled with numbers 1 to 25. A move consists in selecting a number by one of the player and ticking in both the boards. One complete(total 5) row (or) column(or) diagonal will count

  • Rolling Cubes

    The player starts with eight cubes around the center of the board.Each cube is white on the top and black on the bottom. Roll cubes in the start position but with the white faces on bottom.Click on a cube to roll it. It is possible to win in 36 moves

  • Cohesion Adhesion Balls

    On a 3×3 board there is a ball of one of four colors. The color of a ball signifies its strength or power.The four colors from the weakest to the strongest are yellow, green, magenta, red.The balls can move vertically or horizontally such that when

  • Opti Move

    It was designed after the more famous game called "Full Board" by Erich Friedman.The user needs to draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each open square.The blue runner will always run straight, as far as possible, stopp

  • Fun 2 Link

    The objective of the game is to connect two points on a grid with different shaped links.Inspired from the game 'Fun2Link' found on the Samsung X480 mobil, where an oil field needed to be connected to a factory using strange shaped pipes. Requirement

  • Checkers

    Even if the second player is named CPU, the game is for two players, no AI being built in.Rules:Checkers is played on the light  squares only.If one of the pieces is next to one of the opponent's pieces and the square beyond it is free, the user

  • Clock Bell

    The objective is to place coins in order to gain the medals or block the opponents’ positions, stopping him from gaining medals.Place the coins only at the intersection of circular and radial lines (except at the center). To get a medal the user ha

  • Warless Terrain

    The users have to swap the coins/pegs to occupy opponents’ zone without any causing any war between the two teams.The coins/pegs can be moved or jumped (only one step) to adjacent vacant place (no diagonal move is allowed).Jumping is allowed within

  • Tromino

    It is similar to the classic roman game Tetris.Usage:1. Use L-Shaped Trominoes to fill 4x4 Checker Board.2. Use directions for [Linear] or (Angular) movements. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Breaking Chocolate Bars

    The user has 8 breaks to split all pieces from a block of chocolate. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Reverse Chambers In A Castle

    The user needs to identify CPUs castle chambers with chamber areas and corner points of individual chambers as cluesThe objective is in identifying CPUs Castle Chambers (in the exact way it is designed).The floor plan of a castle indicates where the

  • Broken Chess Board

    The user needs to paste broken pieces to a 8*8 board.Usage:1: Select any of the Broken Links (Dominoes represented on 5x5 Board).2: Click on only one Button of Chess Board to paste the selected Link's image. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Toads And Frogs

    Every move is either a slide to the nearby square or a jump over one position.This is allowed only if the latter is occupied by a fellow of a different kind.In any case, no two are allowed in the same square. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Snailrace

    The user firsts places a bet on a snail, and then he can press a key to watch the race. Requirements:· MATLAB 5.2 or higher Limitations:· This is a very simple game yet so far, and is an example on how to make a simple game in MATLAB.It's n

  • Blackjack 5.1

    This is a very basic (head-on) Blackjack game with six decks of cards.The user cannot split pairs (maybe in the future) in this game, but he can double up and make insurance bets.The user can even check the current running game and true card count in

  • Morel

    The input Morel properties include hand type, strength, card placement, etc.These hands can be generated and displayed to the screen or saved to a file for later analysis or bidding practice with partner.Statistics can be kept on the generated hands.

  • Super Sudoku V2

    It can be used as a regular game or as a Sudoku solver alike. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

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