• Num2vpi

    It works with double inputs larger than 2^53-1, or char inputs with exponents.num2vpi converts A into a vpi class variable using the exact bit representation of the A elements.For single and double floating point inputs, num2vpi uses the FEX submissi

  • Order Book Simulation

    This is a set of classes that can be used to simulate operations of an exchange order book allowing limit and market orders. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher Limitations:· Limit orders are not crossed with one another.

  • Subfigure

    The script divides the screen into an A-by-B matrix of small figures, showing MATLAB windows as compact as possible.The figures are counted along the top row of the computer screen, then the second row, etc. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Mvaverage

    This is a very fast operation, smoothing a matrix with no NaNs via recursive moving average methods. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Consecutive Vector Spliter

    The function takes the first input's format and works with that as splitting output.It can also work with matrices. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

  • Payment Calculator

    Example loan payment calculator using Swing and MATLAB. Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R12.1· Financial Toolbox

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