Linkbase v3.0RC2

LinkBase is a free (GNU/GPL) web application designed to manage the Internet bookmarks of an organization by centralizing those links in a single place place.

Once a link is in the base, it can be shared with anyone that has access to LinkBase. LinkBase also includes organizing- and searching-features which makes quick and easy to find a link in the the database.


LinkBase is currently available in english, french, german, brasilian portuguese, turkish and partly in norwegian russian, and spanish.


LinkBase can actually run in two modes :
- Public mode The link database is managed by one or more moderators, anyone can submit a link in the base but the proposal has to be accepted by a moderator. That would be great for a link repository associated to a website for example.
- Private mode Same as public, except that not only moderators can get an account on LinkBase. Once you get an account, you can manage your own links that only yourself will be able to see, and where moderator approval is not required to add links. But there is still one link database visible by everyone and in which anyone can submit a link. Again, the link has to be validated by a moderator to enter this database. That would be a perfect use for a organization that wants all its users to be able to share links together and have all the links in the same place.
Themes support

The LinkBase is themeable, which means that you can change the way it looks in less than 1 minute. And if you're not satisfied with the default themes LinkBase comes with, you can get new ones from this website.


LinkBase works with all web browsers I've tryied so far. That includes but is not limited to : Mozilla, Galeon, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, links.
It can also import the bookmarks you had if you were using those navigators (except links).


LinkBase is a flexible software. It has many configuration options.

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