Libradtran v1.2

libRadtran is a collection of C and Fortran functions and programs for calculation of solar and thermal radiation in the Earth's atmosphere.

Those users who are not familiar with the predecessor of libRadtran, uvspec, please note the following: The central program of the package is an executable called uvspec which can be found in the tools directory. If you are interested in a user-friendly program for radiative transfer calculations, this is the main information you need to know. A description of uvspec is provided in the first part of the manual, and examples including various input files for different atmospheric conditions are provided in the examples directory. For a quick try of uvspec go to the examples directory and run
    ../tools/uvspec < UVSPEC_CLEAR.INP > test.out
For the format of input and output please refer to the manual.
The tools directory also provides related utilities, like e.g. a mie program (mie), some utilities for the calculation of the position of the sun (zenith, noon, sza2time), a few tools for interpolation, convolution, and integration (spline, conv, integrate), and some other small tools.
The second part of the manual describes library routines which might be of interest if you want to write your own programs. Documentation is far from complete at present. Available are routines to read ASCII files, to do interpolations, integrations, convolutions, and to calculate the position of the sun. More might be available somewhen in the future

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