Kugar v1.6.3

Kugar is a KDE tool for generating business quality reports which can be viewed and printed. It includes a standalone report viewer and a KPart report viewer. The latter means that any KDE application can embed the report viewing functionality and that reports can be viewed using the Konqueror browser.

Kugar works by merging application generated data with a template to produce the final report. Both the data and the template are specified using XML.

This approach means that applications only need worry about generating the data itself. A template can be referenced via a URL which allows businesses to create a centrally managed template library.

Features include:
- Kugar report designer.
- Report printing in Postscript.
- Database/datasource neutral, data is supplied to the report engine in XML.
- Support for direct database access.
- Open report definition files, report layout is stored in XML.
- Full control of fonts, colors, text alignment and wrapping.
- Report Header/Footer.
- Page Header/Footer.
- Detail Section.
- Detail Header/Footer.
- Unlimited number of detail levels.
- Grand totals: count, sum, average, variance and standard deviation.
- Additional formatting (negative numbers, currency, commas for numbers and dates).

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