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  • Itoggle

    iToggle clones not only the skin, but the way the iPhone toggler works as well.When clicked it simply slides from one option to the other, revealing the user's new choice and changing color at the same time also.A small demo is included with the down

  • Sidepane 0.1-dev

    SidePane can be used on websites that already hold a lot of content and the developer needs to find a way to add even more, but without breaking the layout or the UX.This is done by creating a panel, that can be pushed into the page, or overlayed on

  • Scrolld.js 1.0.0

    Scrolld.js can be used on any Web page where the content is organized in two or more sections.It works by scrolling the page to the desired section, using a smooth, slow, but configurable jump to motion.Scrolld uses IDs for the section positioning, m

  • Ladda Ui For Bootstrap 3

    Ladda uses various techniques to overlay or inject a preloader animation/graphic inside the button's body every time it's pushed.This makes Ladda buttons especially fit for AJAX-based UIs, being non-intrusive to the rest of the interface."Ladda UI fo

  • Fancytree 2.0.0-1

    Fancytree is a renamed version of the Dynatree 2.x branch. Examples and usage instructions are included with the Fancytree package. Here are some key features of "Fancytree":· WAI-ARIA support· Theme the tree views as needed· Lazy load

  • Updown.js 0.0.1

    UpDown.js is an useful plugin when developing interactive websites, allowing a much easier process of navigating through large collection of items on a page.The plugin comes with plenty of JS functions for working with the keyboard, the page itself a

  • Plusanchor 1.0.1

    PlusAnchor does nothing more than to slow down the quick jumps that usually occur when clicking an anchor link on the same page.Besides anchor links, it also works for ID-based jumping as well.The effects' easing and animation speed can be tweaked at

  • Linkup 0.1.1

    LinkUp allows developers the following options:- find word XXX- wrap word XXX in a link tag- point the link to a preconfigured URLMultiple linkifications can be performed on the same page, for various words and different URLs.Usage instructions are i

  • Xhashchange 2

    xHashchange does nothing more than to add a special event which triggers automatically whenever a page's URL hash is modified.xHashchange comes with a demo page to get developers started on their own hashtag manipulation process. Requirements:·

  • Urianchor 1.1.3

    uriAnchor was developed to allow hashed URLs to works just like regular links.This means hashed URLs can now be registered as bookmarks, will be saved in browser history states, the back & forward buttons in browsers will go through hash states as we

  • Jpushmenu 1.1.1

    jPushMenu can be used as a way to include large menus on the page, without actually ruining the page layout with extra content.The menu is hidden at page load and can easily be triggered with the use of a button. The same button can be used to close

  • Naver 0.0.7

    Naver works as a normal menu with normal desktop environments.But whenever the page is resized, the menu is compacted into a small toggle button.This button, when pushed, will expand a vertical drop-down list with the previous menu items as navigatio

  • Jquery Rotatingnav 0.2.1

    jQuery RotatingNav is perfect for large menu structures, where all options can't be fitted on the screen all at once.It is also great for responsive menus, providing a good alternative that works both on desktop and mobile environments.The number of

  • Jquery.mmenu 3.1.3

    Even if jQuery.mmenu would be best used on mobile versions of a website, helping hide the menu and save space, it can also be used with regular pages as well.The hidden menu panel is very easy to create and allows the programmer to customize its cont

  • Menutron 1.0

    Menutron takes a normal menu and transforms it into a drop-down select every time the page is accessed from a device with a smaller screen or the browser window is resized passed a breakpoint.Selecting one of the options from the drop-down acts as a

  • Jquery.arbitrary-anchor.js

    While by default anchor quick-linking supported, it ain't really that useful in modern-day Web apps and websites.jquery.arbitrary-anchor.js adds support for various new features, that actually make this feature usable and more controllable, a more su

  • Wheel Menu 1

    Wheel Menu mimics the famous round menu in the Path iOS app, allowing menu items to be hidden under a marker and revealed on a circular path when hovered or clicked.Sample menus are included with the Wheel Menu package. Here are some key features of

  • Pagenav.js 1.0.6

    pagenav.js can be used in building numbered pagination systems, a well-known and well-used navigation system for large data collections embedded on a Web page.The plugin comes with support for next/prev controls and a current page indicator.A sample

  • Jquery - Easypaginate 1.0

    jQuery - easyPaginate is data-agnostic, dealing only with the data splitting and navigation problems inside a pagination widget.It does not care what data is fed, only its total, per-page item number and visible pagination controls.Comes with first,

  • Navgoco 0.1.3

    Navgoco is perfect for building vertical menus.Navgoco will take tree-like structures and collapse them, showing only the top options.Clicking an option will reveal its child elements.It also includes an "accordion" mode, where no more than one node

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