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  • Imacss 0.2.2

    In recent years it has become a recommended practice of embedding the image themselves inside CSS files instead of loading them via separate HTTP requests.This procedure detailed and encouraged by Google's SEO team reduces the number of HTTP requests

  • Spherical.js 0.5.1

    Spherical.js takes six related images and stitches them together to form a 3D cube.It then allows the user to use his mouse and drag around the cube's sides, revealing the sides of the cubes and the stitched panorama image itself.The library supports

  • Gifplayer 0.1.4

    Inspired by's GIF image controls, the gifplayer plugins allows users to start a GIF animation only when they're ready to see it.Why is this important? Because by default a Web page loads all the images on a page when it gets accessed by a us

  • Classypicozu 1.1.2

    Picozu is a tool created by Marius Stanciu-Sergiu, built in Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS3, allowing users to draw and do photo retouching, just like in Photoshop. The ClassyPicozu jQuery plugin allows developers to embed Picozu with their sites and app

  • Jquery Cover 1.0.0

    The CSS 3 "background-size: cover" property will take an image and display it on the page's background, filling in the entire screen, without leaving any kind of whitespace.As the browser is resized, so is the image, making sure it always covers the

  • Blindify 0.2.0

    The blinds transition effect has been made famous by Microsoft's PowerPoint tool.It works by cutting an image vertically or horizontally in equal slices and moving them out of view, bringing in the new content in sliced format as well.While there are

  • Devrama Image Lazyload 0.9.3

    Since developed, lazy loading has been a favorite for webmasters running large websites, vertically long pages, or displaying lots of images in just one page.The technique relies on a viewport sniffing technique which can tell what the user's screen

  • Photoset Grid 1.0.1

    The Tumblr photoset is an unique layout used widely on the blogging platform to display large image collections. It works like a grid system, only it uses random number of images per grid row.The Photoset Grid plugin imitates this layout, but still p

  • Rowgrid.js

    The problem with images is they never come at the same dimensions.Arranging such photos on a photo grid usually requires cropping or cutton to make them all fit.The RowGrid.js jQuery plugin works by taking the all images and resizing them at a given

  • Smooth Products

    Smooth Products shows a big image at the top with a simple thumbnail selector underneath it.Clicking a thumb will load its adjacent image in the bigger section, for a better view.Clicking the larger image itself will make the gallery enter in zoom mo

  • Smooth Gallery

    Smooth Gallery does not look like many image galleries. It shows photos as a thumbnail grid, which expand and contracts with the current page, depending on the viewport (screen) size.For each photo a caption can be attached, and for large photo colle

  • Svg-swap

    SVG is a way to embed vector graphics on a Web page.Thanks to increased support in modern browsers, SVG popularity is growing more and more.On the other hand, this does nothing to help older versions of IE, which do not support this image format.SVG-

  • K-description 1.0.1

    k-description is a jQuery plugin that gives JS developers more control over image captions.The plugin allows them to pass the caption settings via JS code and avoid cramming up the site's HTML with useless data.Developers can control various settings

  • Panorama Viewer 1

    Panorama Viewer works with both vertical and horizontal panorama imagery, feature especially useful on mobile devices.Technically the plugin takes the end of a photo and reattaching it to its starting point, creating infinite loops out of an image.It

  • Sliphover 1.1.4

    SlipHover uses jQuery and cSS 3 to show a panel over an image.This panel can be animated based on the mouse's position and movement direction and can optionally show HTML-styled caption text.Numerous examples and usage instructions are included with

  • Magnifier.js 1.1

    Magnifier.js recreates a magnifying glass effect on Web pages.It allows a user to hover his mouse over an image thumbnail and using a special zoom box around his cursor zoom in on the photo.Magnifier.js uses a panel right next to the image to display

  • Superslides 0.6.2

    Superslides takes a series of images and displays them in the page's background one after the other.To go through these images, a dotted navigation system is provided at the bottom of the page, or simple next/prev side arrows can be used.If additiona

  • Nanogallery v

    Nanogallery can be used to create image slideshows that run in fullscreen mode.The slideshow runs automatically and also includes two thumbnail selectors, one shown in the right sidebar and one shown at the bottom of the page.Each selector can be tur

  • Responsive Gallery With Filtering

    Responsive Gallery With Filtering combines the FancySelect and MixItUp jQuery plugins to build an interactive photo album. When building the gallery, photos can be assigned to a category via a simple CSS class.Using the FancySelect drop-down filter c

  • Upslide.js 2.0.0

    As stated above UpSlide.js can be used for two purposes. Either for solely showcasing images in the background of a page. Or for creating one-page websites with impressive looking background images and a side menu for skipping between sections.The di

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