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  • Aristochart 0.2

    Aristochart takes full advantage of the power and advanced features of the canvas element to draw beautiful, vector-based charts.The library is written in vanilla JavaScript, but it can also work with the jQuery framework loaded on the page.A side ef

  • Uvcharts 1.0.0

    uvCharts allows developers to embed statistical data on a Web page with the help of charts and graphs.uvCharts works on top of the D3.js charting and visualization toolkit, simplifying the process of creating and embedding charts on a Web page.Lots o

  • Bucky 0.2.6 / 0.3.0

    When you say performance, most webmasters automatically think of a server.As an apology for automatic train of thought, we must say that for many years this was true, mainly because a website or online service relied on the server mainly to run.In re

  • Qr.js v

    QR codes are specific matrix barcodes readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. QR codes are used to encode and store information in a graphic format. QR.js enables developers to take a piece of text and convert it to a standar

  • Mooflot 0.7.8

    Flot is an advanced jQuery plugin for creating and displaying charts in the browser. It is a widely used tool and pretty famous amongst developers. mooflot tries to port some of Flot's code and functionality to MooTools, providing a solid base on whi

  • Jquery Circliful Plugin 0.1.5

    jQuery Circliful Plugin will display a circle that fills up to a certain percentage.This can be used to display various statistics-related information on a Web page, from static data to dynamic operations.jQuery Circliful Plugin is very customizable,

  • Jquery Highcharttable 1.0.4

    jQuery HighchartTable is to automate the process of creating charts.Instead of passing data in JSON, JS or XML format, take a static HTML table, feed it to HighchartTable and the plugin will replace it on the page with an interactive chart.jQuery is

  • Angular-charts 0.0.1

    Angular-charts features all the properties and features you may expect from a JS charting library.It uses jQuery and AngularJS to extract data and process it into a chart, which is drawn using the D3.js library.Multiple chart types are available to c

  • Shieldui For Javascript 1.6.4

    Created on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework, ShieldUI is a collection of UI components for easily creating and embedding charts on a Web page.ShieldUI comes with support for a wide set of chart types out of the box, and allows in-depth customiz

  • Scatterplot.js 1.1.1

    Scatter plots are 2D charts for displaying two or more variables for a single set of data.They are extremely hard to display, mainly because of the amount of data involved.Scatterplot.js uses a DOM-based rendering engine to create the chart, the back

  • Jquery Gantt Package 3.0

    All of us know how a Gantt chart looks, but few know how to build one. Yet alone create one in HTML and JavaScript to display on a Web page.The jQuery Gantt Package automates the process of creating and embedding Gantt charts on a Web page, providing

  • Chart Editor

    Flot is one of the top chart and graph utilities for JavaScript, and it has been such for some years now.The "Chart editor" Web app allows editors to create Flot charts using a special page with lots of chart data related controls.Users can edit the

  • Dimple 1.1.5

    dimple is not a pure charting utility. It does nothing related to drawing and animating the chart, leaving all that to D3.js, since that's D3.js' job in the first place.dimple provides an OOP interface that allows regular JavaScript developers to qui

  • Gojs 1.3.6

     GoJS is not your regular graphing toolkit.GoJS is actually a generic framework on which complex charts can be built, charts that the user can easily interact with, getting data both visually and via mouse interactions as well.The GoJS trial sho

  • Loupe 0.0.1

    Loupe is quite lightweight for its capabilities and supports a plethora of different features.The library can be used to upda the charts in real-time, animate the graphs at page load or between updates or combine the charts together for complicated g

  • Jsplot 0.22.2

    JSPlot uses the new HTML 5 canvas tool to plot out graphs on a Web page.Various configuration options are available, perfect for allowing any user to customize his charts. Here are some key features of "JSPlot":

  • Jquery Curvedlines 0.2.3

    jQuery CurvedLines does nothing more than to enhance the style of a Flot chart.Flot graphs styled with CurvedLines look sharper and smoother, giving the illusion of a more accurate chart than the default choppy straight lined graphs. Requirements:

  • Jquery.gantt v1.2.0

    Delivering only a new user interface for the older jQuery.Gantt chart plugin, this version is perfect for developers in need of a fresher interface, that looks like it was created in the 2010s and not the late 90s.A sample Gantt chart is included wit

  • Piefull

    Sparkline graphs are miniature charts that can be embedded inline with text.The "pieful" library supports only pie chart sparklines and relies ExplorerCanvas for IE fallback.It works by replacing 0-100 numbers with their corresponding pie chart, wher

  • Angles.js

    Angles.js wraps Chart.js so applications coded on top of AngularJS can use it with ease. All original Chart.js features are supported in Angles.js as well. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· HTML 5 enabled browser

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