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  • Cutjs 0.1.49

    Inspired by jQuery's syntax, CutJS provides developers with a simple utility to vector shapes drawn on a canvas' surface, while also remaining in full control of both the animation timeline and the shape's properties.This allows the same level of con

  • Flip v1.0

    The Flip plugin can be used to flip HTML blocks vertically or horizontally, showing their back side.The effect can be applied to any type of HTML structure, from images, to well-organized DIVs.The plugin is ideal for usage in tightly fitted layouts w

  • Impetus.js 0.7.0

    Impetus.js was inspired by iScroll's deceleration effect, effect applied to scroll movements.It works practically the same way, but unlike iScroll it can be implemented to other interactions outside scroll events, and also to both movement axis (vert

  • Colorspaces.js 0.1.4

    colorspaces.js allows developers to programmatically convert color codes from one color domain to another.This is needed because while some color domains are easier to use by users, or just much better adopted by the design community, they may not be

  • Reddit Music Player 0.2.2

    The player is powered via Reddit and YouTube, assembling the playlists from Reddit music topics, the songs from the recommendations on those topics, and the actual song source file via YouTube.One or more playlists can be activated to show their cont

  • Classyleaves 1.1.0

    As the name implies, the default graphics are leaves, the plugin adding random leaves to the header and letting them fall down at designated time intervals.Clicking on a leaf in header also makes it fall.The effect can be temporary until all the leav

  • Matter.js 0.7.0

    Matter.js was created to enhance Web animations and allow developers to create more realistic effects, and especially for browser-based games.While most Web animations are executed with the element itself being in the center of the stage, Matter.js b

  • Plangular

    While SoundCloud comes with its own player that allows users to embed its music on other sites, the player interface is rigid and does not allow any kind of customizations in any way or form.Plangular uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to retrieve one or

  • Spectra 0.2.1

    There are lots of similar libraries that deal with color conversion and color manipulation. The problem with most of them is large dependencies and a complex syntax.Spectra solves this problem by providing a dependency-free, standalone library that f

  • Shore

    Shore analyzes audio file waveform info and creates a simple sparkline area graph.This graph can be plotted out in real-time as the song plays, and can easily be styled and scaled via the plugin's available settings.To draw out the sound wave graph,

  • Tether 0.6.5

    Messing around with the default CSS positioning scheme has always been a bad idea for developers. But sometimes there's just no other way for coding your layout to get the desired effect.In cases the page needs to look good on mobile devices and also

  • Backgroundcheck 1.2.2

    For example, if dark UI controls and elements are shown over a equally dark image, BackgroundCheck will interfere and replace or adjust the color of the UI elements to a lighter tone.This way the controls are still visible and the user can detect and

  • Elementtransitions.js 0.1.0

    elementTransitions.js is a basic animation engine for Web elements, using simplistic transitions to hide an element and bring forward another one.While it can be used to power up a slideshow, it can also be used with text-based content or even applie

  • Snap.svg 0.2.0

    SVG is a standard to embed vector graphics on Web pages.While despised and hated at the beginning, the standard kept evolving and is now extremely well supported by most modern and quite a lot of the older generation of browsers as well.Because of th

  • Tinaciousfluidvid

    tinaciousFluidVid works in real-time, adapting the width of videos so they resize along with the browser window, not only at page load.Original video aspect ratio is also kept intact, so you won't see really thin or malformed video stages with tinaci

  • Sticker.js 1.0

    Surprisingly enough, this complex effect does not use HTML 5 canvas or JavaScript, but only CSS 3.Sticker.js works by starting to peel off the margin of an element when the mouse moves over it.Depending from the starting point of the hover action, th

  • Parallax Imagescroll 0.1.2

    Inspired by the Spotify homepage, Parallax ImageScroll makes it possible for developers to create one-page parallax scrolling websites, where text sections are mixed with different background images, each scrolling at different speeds as the user goe

  • Scrollreveal.js 0.1.2

    There's a trend in today's Web design where people often choose a single page layout for their entire site.While this may not be recommended except in cases where you don't have that much content to showcase, one-page websites are found on a regular

  • Svgmagic 2.2.0

    SVGMagic is one of the few polyfills that developers should add them to their list of must-have Web scripts.After SVG support has been sketchy for many years, the development community and most modern browser vendors have seen the light and are now e

  • Wow.js 0.1.6

    Coded to work with Animate.css, WOW.js is a simple JavaScript library that allows developers to build interactive pagesWOW.js can be used to assign CSS3-based animations and effects to elements on the page and load them using that effect.These animat

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