• Apache Jspwiki 2.9.0

    By default the wiki saves all content to plain text files, but other databases like MySQL can be used via plugins. Here are some key features of "Apache JSPWiki":· JavaServerPages-based· Easy installation· Page locking to prevent editi

  • Jamwiki 1.3.2

    JAMWiki supports almost all the features found in MediaWiki, the engine Wikipedia runs on. Here are some key features of "JAMWiki":Wiki Syntax:· Supports the majority of the MediaWiki syntax set.· Use of HTML is supported, with an administr

  • Xwiki 5.0.1 / 4.5.3 / 3.5.1 / 2.7.2

    XWiki can be used for creating intranets, simple websites, knowledge management apps, embed into a CMS, project collaboration and even portals. Here are some key features of "XWiki":Platform Features:· Use simple wiki syntax to format text, crea

  • Jboss Wiki 1.0

    It's a self contained Wiki portlet based on JSPWiki. Here are some key features of "JBoss Wiki":· Simple URL support even while running within JBoss Portal so users can access wikipages by the URL pattern: http://host/wiki/PageName· Mulitil

  • Butorwiki 2.2.1

    The download requires registration, but the site provides good setup instructions.Its integrated file manager let manage resources, upload files, reorganize content.An WYSIWYG editor simplifies page editing.ButorWiki is packaged in a web-app (war fil

  • Vqwiki 2.8.1

    VQWiki, also known under its full name "Very Quick Wiki", is a Wiki server software technology.It is designed to install and run with minimum effort on range of java application servers such as Tomcat. VQWiki is FREE software and is covered by the GN

  • Refactorwiki 0.2

    RefactorWiki is a Java-component and accompanying J2EE-webmodule to rename (move) pages and their respective links within a Wiki. Currently the following Php-MySql-based Wiki-engines are supported: WackoWiki v4, WikkaWiki v1.1.6.0. The ability to ref

  • Eclipse Wikipedia Editor 2.0.6

    Eclipse Wikipedia Editor is an Eclipse editor plugin for a local, personal Wiki with Wikipedia syntax support. The Wikipedia Plugin contains a Wikipedia Syntax Editor with the following features: - parallel offline editing for multiple articles - syn

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