• Instance 1.0

    The code ignores if there are no constructors or the constructors throw exceptions.

  • Hashcache

    The code is very useful when the most frequent operation is "contains."

  • Basic Cs Hardware Store 3

    This is an example for a JAVA built client-server hardware store.It works with MSAccess database and it contains full documentation.Installation - Compile the java files from the command line: javac javac javac Serv

  • Basic Client Server Application 4

    This is a basic client-server application written in JAVA.The client sends an action to the server and the server responds.Full documentation included so you can build upon it. 

  • Stringsearch 2

    The Java language lacks fast string searching algorithms.StringSearch provides implementations of the Boyer-Moore and the Shift-Or (bit-parallel) algorithms.Algorithms like these are five to ten times faster than any native implementation found in ja

  • Nativecall 0.4.1

    This version supports structs, primitive types (int and boolean), strings, byte, char arrays and output parameters.NativeCall is implemented for the Windows platform. With NativeCall, you can call all methods implemented in any DLL. What's New in Thi

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