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  • Apache Provisionr 0.4.0

    The Apache Provisionr toolset was created as a way to move virtual machines amongst cloud computing services and servers alike.Provisionr can automatically handle all the differences between cloud hosting provider details like OS, pre-installed packa

  • Apache Knox Gateway 0.2.0

    Apache Knox Gateway's main goal is to simplify Hadoop cluster installations.Besides this, securing the clusters is also a priority, along with easier access to Hadoop's REST APIs. Requirements:· Java 1.6 or higher

  • Apache Helix 0.6.0

    Written in Java, Helix is for managing large computing resources, hosted on a cluster environment.It is built on top of another Apache project, Zookeeper, and provides a generic interface for managing clusters with large number of nodes and resources

  • Java Gearman Service 0.6.6

    It ports both the job server and the binding C library (libgearman).All features and toolkits provided with the original Gearman job server are available with this implementation as well. Here are some key features of "Java Gearman Service":· Fa

  • Hystrix 1.2.16

    Designed as a fail-safe system, Hystrix can help webmasters manage latency periods and prevent cascading failures inside a distributed server system.In layman's terms, Hystrix works as a acircuit breaker, containing system failures to isolated cluste

  • Spark 0.7.0

    Spark was designed to improve processing speeds for data analysis and manipulation programs.It was written in Java and Scala and provides features not found in other systems, mostly because they're not mainstream nor that useful for non-data processi

  • Orchestra 4.9.0

    Orchestra puts order in an app's processes, deciding which must go first and which are executed later based on dependency, priority and critical state.To aid developers Orchestra provides a console tool and a GUI visual designer for new users. Here a

  • Apache Cloudstack 4.0.2

    CloudStack is very scalable and can be used in creating IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platforms.It's basically a toolkit for managing cloud computing networks in an easy way. Here are some key features of "Apache CloudStack":· Available Web

  • S3blazeds

    The download package contains a BlazeDS server integrated with Google's App Engine for Java.It will allow developers to create GAE apps that run on BlazeDS. Here are some key features of "S3BlazeDS":· Datastore Key serialization· Integratio

  • Apache Directmemory 0.1

    It works with large number of Java objects by utilizing off-heap memory management.All this without affecting JVM collection performance. Limitations:· Still in development. What's New in This Release: · Update the MemoryManager API so it c

  • Windows Azure Sdk For Java 0.4.1

    The SDK allows developers to use some of Azure's features in creating cloud-based apps. Here are some key features of "Windows Azure SDK for Java":· Create, read, update and delete BLOBs· Create or delete queues· Insert peek queue mess

  • Apache Geronimo v2.2.1 / v3.0-beta-1

    Apache Geronimo integrates some of the best open source projects around. It create Java/OSGi server runtimes that meet the needs of enterprise developers and system administrators. Here are some key features of "Apache Geronimo":· Easy to use.&#

  • Apache Wookie 0.14.0

    Wookie includes support for all the usual kinds of mini-applications, badges, and gadgets, but also fully-collaborative applications such as chats, quizzes, and games.It relies on W3C's Widgets specification. It is basically a W3C widget engine with

  • Apache Tomee 1.5.2

    It is an all-Apache Java EE 6 Web Profile certified stack of Tomcat.This version has all the JARs for EE support, on top of Tomcat, without removing any functionality or native Tomcat features. Here are some key features of "Apache TomEE":· Does

  • Lambda Probe 1.7b

    Lambda Probe is the project formerly known as Tomcat Probe. Here are some key features of "Lambda Probe":· Comprehensive JVM memory usage monitor.· JBoss compatibility· Display of deployed applications, their status, session count, ses

  • Psi Probe 2.3.3

    PSI Probe has been forked from another similar Apache Tomcat management tool, Lamba Project. PSI Probe does not require any changes to your existing apps. Here are some key features of "PSI Probe":Requests:· Monitor traffic in real-time· Mo

  • Zazl

    The server utilizes the Django Template Language to render web pages and runs code with the help of the Rhino or V8 JavaScript engines, and also within the NodeJS server-side JavaScript environment.Zazl gives Javascript developers the flexibility to

  • Apache Continuum 1.4.1

    Continuum improves quality and maintains a consistent build environment, whether using a centralized build team or when solely leaving it to the developers. Here are some key features of "Apache Continuum":· Easy installation - Download the stan

  • Ssl-explorer 1.0.0 RC17

    Currently included in the Barracuda SSL VPN. Here are some key features of "SSL-Explorer":· Enables access to corporate intranets, file systems or other Web-based applications· Tracks resource access through auditing and reporting facilitie

  • Mod_cluster 1.2.0

    Like mod_jk and mod_proxy, mod_cluster uses a communication channel to forward requests from httpd to one of a set of application server nodes.Unlike mod_jk and mod_proxy, mod_cluster leverages an additional connection between the application server

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