• Apache Ctakes 3.0.0

    Apache cTAKES stands for clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System.cTAKES allows developers to analyze text for medical terms and pass the data for further processing to the according software.The Apache cTAKES system is closely integrat

  • Apache Airavata 0.6

    Airavata is not for the common developer, being geared toward scientists that work with huge computational resources.Supports from local clusters, national grids and up to entire computing cloud systems. Here are some key features of "Apache Airavata

  • Apache Sis 0.2

    Apache SIS is perfect for representing coordinates for searching, data clustering, archiving, or any other relevant spatial needs.Can be used by spatial information system builders or users when creating applications containing geolocation features.

  • Biojava 3.0.5

    It provides analytical and statistical routines, parsers for common file formats and allows the manipulation of sequences and 3D structures.BioJava is a tool for exploring Java's possibilities in the bioinformatics world. Requirements:· Java 1.6

  • Bpm-widget

    The most common usage is to count a person's heart beats per minute by pressing the "Beat" button every time we feel a pulse. After 2-3 beats, the widget will detect a rhythm and show the frequency per minute for that pattern.A working demo is includ

  • Apache Hama 0.6.1

    BSP stands for "Bulk Synchronous Parallel" and is generally a technique used in massive scientific computations.Can be used for matrix, graphs, network computations and much more.Apache Hama has a layered architecture consisting of three components:

  • Java Algebra System 2.3.3568

    JAS provides a well designed software library using generic types for algebraic computations implemented in the Java programming language.Documentation is provided in the download section. The library can be used as any other Java software package, o

  • Java Numbers With Unit 0.9.0

    Documentation and an example are included in the download package.

  • Sbmleditor 1.3.4

    The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) is an XML-based description language for representing computational models in systems biology and bio-informatics.It supports annotations and validation.SBMLeditor is written in JAVA using JCompneur, a libra

  • Yahoofinance Api 0.0.5

    It successfully offers different CSV export services for stock exchange data. Here are some key features of "YahooFinance API":· Actual stock quotes· Actual exchange rates· Daytrading data· Historical stock quotes

  • Jgap 3.3.3

    JGAP (pronounced "jay-gap") is a Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming component provided as a Java framework. It provides basic genetic mechanisms that can be easily used to apply evolutionary principles to problem solutions. See the examples f

  • Jgeocoder 0.2

     JGeocoder is a free geocoder implemented in Java. Geocoding is the process of estimating a latitude and longitude for a given location.This project will consist of 3 major components: - Address parser , which will be responsible for parsing an

  • Concierge 1.0.0RC3

    Concierge is an optimized OSGi R3 framework implementations with a file footprint of about 80 kBytes. This makes it ideal for mobile or embedded devices. Typically, these devices have VMs that are more focused on compactness and less optimized. For i

  • Gmod 1.69

    GMOD is the Generic Model Organism Database project, a collection of open source software tools for creating and managing genome-scale biological databases. Such databases contain information about the genomes and biology of laboratory organisms.It c

  • Genetic Algorithm Java Application

    Genetic algorithms are a form of artificial intelligence in which the theory of evolution is used to find an approximate answer to a given problem. In this research project is a genetic algorithm to search for geodetic covers of random graphs. A geod

  • Biogoggles

    BioGoggles provides easy analysis and visualization of your multivariate data; Automatic calculation of p-values and ROC areas for each variable; Scatter, Box-Whisker and ROC plots; Principal Component Analysis and 3D plot.The purpose of BioGoggles i

  • Pauker 1.8RC2

    Pauker is a completely free (OpenSource, GPL) flash card based, learning application written in Java using the leitner cardfile system. It is available in Dutch, English, Esperanto, German, French and Polish.The application works offline without the

  • Mathapplets

    MathApplets are Java applets to help teach discrete math. This package contains the following applets: - Basic Set Applet - Set theory exercises using sets of numbers. - Blackjack Applet - Probability theory tied to a popular card game. - Factor

  • Matrix Package 1.0

    Matrix Package is a Java package for working with matrices. This package does most of what you would want a matrix package to do, but is optimsed to working with the 4x4 matrices used in 3D graphics. The Matrix class provides a generalised 2-dim

  • Star Map 1.0

    This applet shows two rotatable displays of the stars local to the Sun, out to a radius of about 14ly. It is very easy to install, use and configure. You can configure different types of views using a simple applet configuration window.The applet is

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