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  • Lvnews 1.2

    lvnews displays some text lines in sequence. It is a simple way to show news and highlights in a web page. It can take the text from a file, allowing for an easy mainteinance of the contents. You are alowed to modify various applet parameters, such a

  • Newsticker Java Applet

    Newsticker Java Applet  is a horizontal scroller text effect that features user click and drag. Highly configurable, easy to set up. Newsticker Java Applet may be used freely on non-commercial and non-profit sites only. However free version

  • News & Quotes Ticker Applet 3.1

    NEWS & QUOTES TICKER APPLET is the perfect browser embeddable tool that you can enhance your web site by showing live RSS news or stock market quotes in a rotating ticker tape that you can customize with many features. This ticker can function either

  • Vertical Newsticker Applet 1.1

    Vertical Newsticker Applet applet can show RSS news in a rotating vertical ticker. News are displayed as links and are clickable. Applet is fully customizable. Features: - permanent connection: the applet makes repetitive requests to the news feed. N

  • Applet News Ticker

    How would you like to provide your website visitors with live updating RSS news from any RSS feed that attracts and motivates them to come back and visit your site again? Applet News Ticker is the gadget your site needs to keep visitors updated witho

  • Newsmanpro!

    Wyka-Warzecha NewsManPRO! is an exciting new web site design product that allows you to easily create professional news listings on your website! It is a java news ticker software, to display current news with special effects and more.

  • News Publishing Content Management

    This system allows you to concentrate on writing your articles without worrying about the underlying HTML or programming code. Simply enter your news stories into the system and the rest will be taken care of. News Articles can be arranged in any num

  • Codebrain News

    CodeBrainNews is a multi-item text scroller. It will handle hundreds of lines of text without problem, and each item is linkable (URL, frame, target). MouseOver highlights an individual item and pauses the scrolling.Details: To give you better contro

  • Newsmaker

    NewsMaker is a professional-quality news and message scroller applet. Unlike most applets of this kind, the messages and links are in an external text file, rather than in parameters... so you set up NewsMaker once in your page -- and then simply cha

  • Headline Typer

    The Headline Typer scrolling news ticker displays a series of headlines in a small area of a page, and smoothly scrolls the scrolling news headlines that allows the reader to glance at the text. Each scrolling news headline can have a link, so that t

  • Advanced News Ticker

    Advanced news ticker is a Java news ticker applet with lots of configurations. Cool effects range from vertical or horizontal scrolling, typing, and fading. Applet Features - The scroll content can be loaded from a separate text file or parameters -

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