• Wicket-bootstrap 0.8.1

    Apache Wicket is an advanced Java framework for Web development, developed under the supervision of the Apache Software Foundation.As the name hints, Wicket-Bootstrap allows using various components of the Bootstrap frontend UI framework with the Apa

  • Gwt-bootstrap

    Google Web Toolkit is an open source Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications easy for developers.As the name hints, GWT-Bootstrap allows using various Bootstrap frontend UI components with the Google Web Toolkit frame

  • Tapestry-bootstrap 2.1.5

    Tapestry is an open-source framework for creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable Java Web applications.As the name hints, tapestry-bootstrap allows using various components of the Bootstrap frontend UI framework with the Apache Tapestry framework.&

  • Datafu 0.0.4

    DataFu can be used only with Apache Hadoop and Pig. Each function is unit tested and code coverage is being tracked for the entire library.DataFu was developed at LinkedIn and is written in Java. Here are some key features of "DataFu":Functions for:&

  • External Links

    It parses all "a" tags on a page, searching for external links, to which it adds a small graphic at the end.It can detect which links are relative paths and which lead to the same domain. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQ

  • Mirror 1.5

    This dynamic semantic layer will ease up programming task on applications that rely on Java Reflection. What's New in This Release: · Does not run static initializer· Reads configuration file just once· Created portuguese users list

  • Actionscript Development Tool 0.0.9 r134

    This project is also known as ASDT.The installation is a very simple process because the Eclipse Update Manager will handle all the downloads and installation process.ASDT is an open source plugin build on top of the Eclipse platform to develop softw

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