• Jsonsync

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format.That's why JSON is widely used in development for storing various types of data.JSONSync can synchronize one or more JSON files between them.The JSON files can be in remote locatio

  • Currency Converter

    Developed in Java on the Netbeans IDE.The app retrieves currency rate information from the Yahoo Finance service.It then calculates the rates based on user input.It uses several imports for the stream read and regular expression.The project folder is

  • Aissearch 20090916

    It uses a simple POJO to communicate with the backend (lucene or RDB).

  • Horoscope

    This is a simple example in java to calculate the horoscope.Given the month and day of a user's birthday, it will output their horoscope. This is a simple program that demonstrated the use of JMenu and easy-to-use ActionListener using ActionEvents.Th

  • Jabref 2.4b

    JabRef is an open source bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography format. JabRef runs on the Java VM (version 1.5 or newer), and should work equally well on Windows, Linux and Ma

  • Java Book Cataloging System 1.002

    The purpose of this software is primarily to create a Book Catalog using barcode data from the freely avaliable cuecat(tm) bar code reader. It will use a rdms backend database, and allow synchronization between different library branches.

  • Digital Hardback 0.1a

    digitalHardback is a reading surface simulator written in java. It implements book marks, book history and variable font and size settings. It seeks to emulate the look and feel of a real book and to simulate reading surfaces. It has a book marking s

  • Cbviewer

    CBViewer is a program for browsing comic book archives on your computer. It can handle .zip, .cbz, .cbr, and .rar files. To be able to view .rar and .cbr archives you will need to get the unrar executable for your OS. The interface is written in java

  • Comicbookedit

    Comicbookedit is a program for creating comics. It can be used to draw comics and save them in an SVG file format. This means that your comic will display in firefox. Drawings can also be exported to PDF and to bitmaps. The former is great for printi

  • Groovy Http Post/get Class

    Groovy Http POST/GET Class is a simple helper class for doing POST and GET calls from Groovy. It opens a socket to the requested host, and writes to the socket using getOutputStream() and PrintWriter(). It reads the response from the server using Dat

  • Moon-applet 2.1

    Moon-Applet always shows the actual phase of the moon and generates an (optional and editable) text-message, including the number of days until full moon. It is absolutely necessary for astrologers, moonstrucks, lunatics, werewolves and other creatur

  • Alphabet And Digits

    This java applet randomly presents letters of the alphabet, digits (0 to 100 depending on your choice), different basic colors, and shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, ovals, circles etc., at an interval of time you can specify in seconds. It

  • Punchme

    The PunchMe applet uses three images. The first shows when the mouse is out of the applet space, the second when the mouse is in the applet space, and the third when you click with the mouse. When you click with the mouse, an accompanying sound file

  • Popup Video!

    Popup Video! is an exciting new java applet that allows you to easily create popup's like in the music videos! Simply create hotspots, popup menu location and text, and you've got a cool looking popup image! The applet is very easy to customize, inst

  • Powernumbers

    This Java applet displays the powerball info from the history records. The info is available from the The data accuracy is not known. You can go to their web site and find out more info. In addition to standard setup procedures by uplo

  • Simplewebpanel

    This Java applet implements a fully configurable web address panel. Hot buttons will take you to display the original sized photo, send e-mail, or visit the selected URL. You can edit the data file (SimpleWebPanel.txt or your own filename) according

  • Rememorizer 2.3.0

    Rememorizer is a flash card program that aids in efficient memorization. Helps you memorize items around 10 to 50 times faster than with regular flash cards. Similar to SuperMemo.Works on PocketPC, PalmOS, Windows, Linux, and others.

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