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  • Java Water Simulation

    Using complex algorithms and height maps, it can add water ripple effects on top of any surface on mouse hover.This Java class has been ported to JavaScript by Sergey Chikuyonok.

  • Zxing 2.1

    Supports multiple international formats and has support for iOS and Android. Here are some key features of "ZXing":Supported bar code formats:· Data Matrix· UPC-A· UPC-E· EAN-8· EAN-13· Code 39· Code 93· Code 1

  • Simple Image Resize 1.0.1

    Can be used manipulate width and height for images for application images, website images and other use-cases.The class uses a method for manipulating the image stream, resizing it to the desired dimensions.

  • Matte 1.2

    Written in Java, it allows to upload pictures, movies, and songs to a website, organizing them into albums which can be published for other people to view. Here are some key features of "Matte":· Upload media files· Simple and uncluttered i

  • Image4j 0.7

    With no external dependencies, the library handles various image formats and metadata with only Java code. Here are some key features of "image4j":Supported formats:· BMP (Microsoft bitmap format - uncompressed; 1, 4, 8, 24 and 32 bit)· ICO

  • Jmage 0.7

    The library overlays image filters on popular binary formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, and outputs a perfectly rendered image, to use in other applications.

  • Img2

    This tool can convert images to HTML, include files to VMU or an include file with 16 color palette and nibble pairs.Much more info is in the readme files contained in the packages' zip files.The concept behind the script is: each pixel is a table ce

  • Pixory 0.5.4

    Pixory is your personal online photo management and sharing service, running entirely on your computer using your broadband internet connection. Use it to instantly share photo albums with friends and family across the internet, or to more effectivel

  • Jimagefilter 2.4

    It saves bandwidth and improves upload performances.JImageFilter works with all main features of JFileUpload (progress bar, redirect after upload, large upload, cross browsers support and more). It is possible to integrate it into the regular jFileUp

  • Imageresize4j 1.0

    ImageResize4J is a Java class library for high-quality image resize and scaling. It offers 24 interpolation filters included such well-known as Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3 or Hamming and some unique interpolation filter families such as Ideal or Shar

  • Multipic Slide Show 3.0

    This popular slide show displays multiple images at one time moving across the screen from all directions. Images could be stopped by using the mouse.The script can be easily customized to suit your needs. It provides a good compatibility with all mo

  • Rippling Image

    Rippling image applet takes in any image and makes it ripple. The applet is compatible with all recent Java versions.It will work on any web browser. Rippling image applet can be easily customized to suit your needs by changing the appropriate parame

  • Webhelper

    WebHelper is a Java tool to help you create HTML pages to display your digital pictures. WebHelper takes your organized digital images and creates static, table-based HTML pages. It requires digital images to be stored in JPEG format and Ja

  • Lvhues 3.1

    lvhues is an applet that shows an image changing its hue continuously. It displays an image in all possible colors, changing them periodically. You will find convenient to set the applet dimensions equal to the image dimensions. T

  • Lvbook 1.5

    lvbook allows you to display a collection of images in a virtual photo album with turnable pages. You can either show small thumbnails and link to the corresponding big images, or show the big ones directly (well, as big as possible: remember that mo

  • Isaac

    Isaac will give new life to your images and to your web pages.Isaac can split images in smaller pieces, change their colors and use them to generate any animations, interactive effects, rollovers, menus and other interesting effects. It allows you to

  • Transitions

    The applet takes the images and does various transition effects between them. There are 50 available effects. You can customize the applet by modifying its parameters. The applet is very easy to install and use. It provides compatibility with all maj

  • Visualeffectsphere

    The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time sphere mapping effect with lighting. If you move the mouse over the sphere, then you will see the original image. The applet parameters are very easy to customize.

  • Visualeffectmotion

    The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time motion blur effect at a random center or mouse location. If you move the mouse slowly over the image, then the angle of the effect and position will change. The applet is very e

  • Visualeffectfade

    The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time fading effect. If you move the mouse over the image, then the original image will appear.This applet is very easy to install, use and customize. You will be able to modify many

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