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  • Silent Disco

    Silent Disco is made of two parts:- A server that retrieves and syncs melodies via the SoundCloud API- A client-side UI created with AngularJS Silent Disco supports multiple rooms, where people can join and listen to the same music genre, band or art

  • Hqx-java

    hqx stands for "high quality magnification" and is a technique used in C image processing toolkits, mainly for working with pixel art graphics.hqx-java is a port of that algorithm (as seen in hqxSharp) to Java.The library will resize pixel art (8bit

  • Barcode4j 2.1.0

    Perfect for embedding in Java apps when needing a barcode generation utility. Here are some key features of "Barcode4J":· 1D and 2D barcode implementations· Support for multiple output formats· Servlet support· Command-line interf

  • Kai Engine

    Kai was written using the Java2D API and the Swing windowing toolkit. Here are some key features of "Kai Engine":· Hierarchical scenegraph including Mesh, Rotation, Translation and Light nodes.· Triangle primitives with helpers for building

  • Movepath 1.0.0

    MovePath tracks movement as a series of line segments in three dimensions.It can work in 2D as well as 3D. A working example is included with the download package to get the developer going on his own project. Here are some key features of "MovePath"

  • Jquery Collision 1.0.2

    The plugin handles drag and drop collision events, padding, margin, borders, can determine either overlap or portion outside, and also provides collision-avoidance actions. Collision and containment settings are hierarchical and extensible, allowing

  • Multishow 2.43

    The source can be compiled to run on all major OSs, including Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux. Here are some key features of "MultiShow":Audio:· AIFF· GSM· IFF-8SVX· MIDI· MP2· MP3· OGG Vorbis· Sun Audio&#

  • Auditorium 0.0.2a

    It will allow the writer of video output modules to create the visualizations and not have to worry about device inconsistencies or compatibility.The application is so diverse, that the programmer could write a module that does no visual output at al

  • Batik 1.7

    Operations that can be performed with Batik include generation, manipulation and display of SVG graphics.The project’s ambition is to give developers a set of core modules that can be used together or individually to support specific SVG soluti

  • Flazr 0.7-RC2

    This package includes the source code for a streaming media server and other utilities.Installation:Download the Flazr distribution archiveExtracting the ZIP file will create a "flazr" directoryServer:Start the server with server-start.bat or server-

  • Music Player Daemon 0.18

    Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.The application was written in Java, C++, Python, PHP, C and Haskell.Supports:Input Plugins: AudioFile, ffmpeg, FLAC, MP3, MP4 Musepack,

  • Bouncing Ball Applet

    As it is, it serves no real purpose except for displaying multiple bouncing balls.You can download the source code, modify it and include it in your own project.Usage - Insert this into your HTML page:  

  • Jdanimate Applet

    Specify a list of files that contain each frame of animation, how long to display each frame for, and a "*.au" file that has the soundtrack. The first frame is displayed until the user clicks on the applet, it then cycles through the rest of the fram

  • Animapplet 5.0

    It can run on all browsers supporting Java 1.1 or above (Java 1.3 or above recommended).  Here are some key features of "ANIMApplet":· Plays files of type IFF ANIM, IFF ANIM+SLA, IFF ANIM+ANFI, IFF ILBM, IFF PBM.· Supports all Amiga di

  • Anywikidraw 0.17

    It can handle SVG, PNG, JPEG and DRAW image formats.Supported wikis include MediaWiki, PmWiki and TWiki. 

  • Led Digital Clock

    This program displays a Led Digital Clock that shows hours, minutes and seconds simultaneously.You can configure color, x-coordinate, y-coordinate.Usage - Type in console in the directory where you unpacked the converter: java LedClock 

  • Lcd Clock

    Beautiful Lcd Clock applet.It can accept 3 parameters: background color,format and blinking enable.Installation - Unpack and open LcdClock.html in a browser.   Requirements:· Java (JDK 1.2)

  • Webcdwriter 2.8.2

    webCDwriter can be used to make the CD- and DVD-writer(s) connected to a Linux box available to all users in your network. It consists of the server CDWserver and the clients webCDcreator and rcdrecord. CDWserver stores the files transmitted by the c

  • Netstrokes

    NetStrokes is a website component that allows drawing within a browser and save the design to the server in SVG format. You can install it on your website or embed it in your web application. NetStrokes is compatible with most popular browsers o

  • Snow Applet

    Snow Applet is done with Java and takes the form of a Christmas-card. The script is very easy to install, use and customize.It provides a very good compatibility with all modern web browsers. Snow Applet has also a low file size.

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