• Codmaster 0.1

    A master server is a server used to centralize requests and provide various information about its network.In Call of Duty, Quake and other games, a master server is responsible for telling players where multiplayer servers are located (IP:port).CODMa

  • Playn 1.7

    Developed in Java, PlayN can be used in a variety of ways and on a wide range of platforms for creating entertaining online, mobile or desktop games. Here are some key features of "PlayN":Supported platforms:· Java (desktop)· HTML5· An

  • Allbinary 1.2.0

    Allows Java developers to create games that run on any platform that runs Java. Here are some key features of "AllBinary":APIs, features, technologies:· Multi-platform support· Touch gestures· Game state management· Collision dete

  • Mystik Rpg 2.2

    Designed to power 2D RPG games, Mystic RPG comes packed out of the box with many useful features.Mystic RPG is not a game itself, but a game engine. Here are some key features of "Mystik RPG":· Maps· Monsters· Offline play· Items&

  • Anubis Javacards 1.0

    Can be used in cards game development. Simply include the files, and build a new deck, passing an integer with the number of decks to use.A PHP version of this class is also available.A C++ library version of this class is also available.

  • Pong Game Applet

    Player One's paddle (left side): is moved with the 'Q' and 'A' keys. Player Two's paddle (right side): is moved with the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys. (in the two players version)Usage - Insert the following line in your HTML page:  

  • Lunar Lander

    To play you have to land the lander on one of the light blue landing pads. When landing you have to be perfectly level and touch down very gently.You have only the main rocket to change your speed or direction. Pressing the left and right arrow (curs

  • Cubetwister Applets 2.0alpha135

    It contains the CubePlayer applets and VirtualCube applets.The user can use it as a tool to solve scrambled cubes, to document the collection of cubes, to describe the solution algorithms, and to analyse the permutations of cube parts.

  • Cubetwister 2.0alpha135

    It is suited for beginners, cube lovers and speed-cubers.Mathematicians can also use this applet to describe or analyze solution algorithms, and the permutations of the cube parts. Here are some key features of "CubeTwister":· Accurate 3D models

  • Puzzle

     This is a small puzzle game written in Java, 

  • Dimensionex Multiplayer Game Engine 6.4.0

    DimensioneX is a Multiplayer Game Engine. It lets you develop a game without having to re-inventing the wheel. Here's what DimensioneX does for you: - Display of the game scene, play sounds. - Positioning and behaviour of the players in the game - Co

  • House Of Mirrors 0.5

    House Of Mirrors (HoM) is a logic game inspired by Chromatron (from Silver SpaceShip Software). The game consists of a 2D grid in which several types of objects are found, including detectors and mirrors. The goal is to light up all the detectors usi

  • Charamega 0.1

    Charamega is a variation of the Concentration game (also known as Memory). You musy find all pairs of matching cards in limited time and number of turns.You can customize any aspect of the game by editing the appropriate source code.

  • Evelottery 1.1.3

    This simple utility was made to keep track of a lottery in the game Eve Online, but can be used for any lottery where X number of people buy Y number of tickets each and there are Z winners. Features: - Any number of winners - Shows statistical chanc

  • Sudoku Solver Applet 0.1.0

    This applet is an aid to solving SuDoKu puzzles. It doesn't generate puzzles. Rather, it allows you to track the consequences of the settings in each cell of the SuSoKu grid, so that a solution can be found. Once you have set up a particular puzzle,

  • Graph Game 1.0.94

    Graph Game is an implementation of the Shannon switching game. It is a game for two players. The first player selects edges of the graph trying to connect two highlighted nodes while the second player removes unselected edges. AI is available.

  • Bmtron 1.3

    BMTron is a multi-player game loosely based on the light cycle scene from the movie Tron. The goal is to trap your opponents. Avoid running into the wall or opponent's trail. Play with different types of AI players. Teamplay mode is available. In the

  • Kaablitz Crossword!

    KaaBlitz Crossword! is an exciting new product that allows you to easily add crossword games with special effects to your website! This product can increase the 'stickyness' of your website, i.e., customers will want to come back to your website over

  • Ascratchnwin!

    AScratchNWin! is an exciting new product that allows you to easily and effectively add scratch and win capabilities to your website! You can also use it like a mini-casino! Try out the evaluation version, which lets you specify a % chance of winning.

  • Arianne

    Arianne is a multiplayer online games framework and engine to develop turn based and real time games. It provides a simple way of creating games on a portable and robust server architecture. The server is coded in Java and uses Python for your game d

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