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  • Suggestionlist 1.1.0

    The library will allow developers to create the well-known drop-down panel that appears when typing characters inside a form field.Based on the user's input, suggestions will be shown in the drop-down.Selecting one will automatically fill in the fiel

  • Autocomplete

    Keyboard support is included.By pressing TAB the script advances to the next option. Going back a previous option is done using the SHIFT - TAB key combination.The download contains examples, an ant script to build and run the examples, javadocs, and

  • Jumptowidget

    JumpToWidget is a Java applet that combines a text input box with a list box so that a user can make a selection from a large list quickly by typing in a substring into the text input box. On each keypress, the List box updates to show only the optio

  • Java Date Picker Applet

    This product is a java date picker applet component that allows users to select simple dates. This component is useful for java applet developers that want to save time in developing their project by integrating our date selection applet component in

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