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  • Voyeur.js 0.4.0

    When it was first created, jQuery was a very basic library for parsing and manipulating the HTML DOM.Just like jQuery, Voyeur.js is a simple way of manipulating a page's source code, utilizing a simplified syntax that makes creating, altering or remo

  • Easymock 3.2

    EasyMock provides a simpler interface for dealing with Java mock objects in your code.Because Java mock objects require a lot of coding and a lot of attention to details to avoid adjacent errors, they are usually ignored, and due to good reasons.The

  • Jmock 2.6.0

    Test-Driven Development (or TDD) is a complex process for writing code that relies on cycles. It requires the developer to write code and continuously test it until it passes approval standards.jMock implements TDD testing habits by using Java mock o

  • Easyjson 1.1

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format, a widely medium for data transfer in Web development.easyJSON allows Java developers to create and manipulate JSON data from within their Java-based website or application.easyJSO

  • Apache Vxquery 0.2

    As with anything else developed by Apache, VXQuery was created and is currently being developed to handle large amounts of data out of the box.There are plenty of XML query processors around that can work with small to medium loads, but very few can

  • Android-bootstrap 1.0

    While a few years back the 960 Grid System was the most used CSS framework, today Bootstrap has taken over the top spot and it doesn't seem it will be dropping it pretty soon.It's success has been so huge that everyone from Apache to Facebook seems t

  • Orion 5.0

    To deploy Orion you need to understand the concepts behind it.Orion started as a simple source code editing JavaScript app that has since expanded into a fully blown code hosting and editing platform.To do this, it has expanded from a client-side sol

  • Apache Mrql 0.9.0

    MRQL stands for MapReduce Query Language.It's a query language for NoSQL MapReduce systems, inspired by classic SQL languages.MRQL was especially created to work with Hadoop, Hama, and Spark. It was created to help out in dealing with large amounts o

  • Apache Olingo 1.2.0

    OData is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming data APIs.Apache Olingo serves as a basis for using the OASIS OData specification inside Java-based applications and websites. What's New in This Release:

  • Apache Odf Toolkit 0.6

    Apache ODF Toolkit provides tools for developers to work with OpenOffice's well-known document format.This enables them to create, edit or parse documents and use the data inside their Java-based apps or websites, without having an OpenOffice install

  • Jcardsim 2.2.1

    Java Card is a software technology that allows Java-based applications (applets) to be run securely on smart cards and similar small memory devices.jCardSim is a tool that allows Java developers to test out Java Card software without actually running

  • Jscover 1.0.7

    Code Coverage is a metric used in software development describing the amount of code that has been tested. The higher it is the better it is.JSCover was created on top of an older code coverage tool for JavaScript known as JSCoverage, on which develo

  • Epub3 Reader For Android 1.0

    These libraries were developer to be compatible with the ePub3 standard and are perfect for creating basic book reading apps for smartphones. The Epub3 Reader for Android comes with plenty of support to deal with the design and market inconsistencies

  • Apache Kalumet 0.6-incubating-SNAPSHOT

    Apache Kalumet can easily integrate with tools like Maven, Continuum, or Jenkins for building a continuous integration platform. In layman's terms Kalumet allows developers to create an automated system which serves up middleware, components and pack

  • Apache Falcon 0.3

    Apache Falcon is basically a data management system for Apache Hadoop installations.It helps developers move around and process data recorded in a Hadoop database. Here are some key features of "Apache Falcon":· Create a set of relationships bet

  • Apache Curator 2.2.0

    Apache Curator will help developers working on projects running ZooKeeper get a basic package of widely used plugins and components in one single archive. Here are some key features of "Apache Curator":Included components:· Errors· Extensio

  • 1.9.18 can be used to assemble complicated yet versatile project structures that rely on data and content from remote applications are very scalable and robust, mainly because of's data and technology agnostic structures. Here a

  • Spring Ldap 1.3.2

    LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.Spring LDAP was created to ease development of any LDAP-centered J

  • Jzmq 2.2.2

    ZeroMQ (ØMQ, 0MQ, ZMQ) is a lightweight, fast, asynchronous messaging and communication protocol.JZMQ is a Java binding for ZeroMQ's basic C API.The library allows developers to build Java apps and websites that interact with ZeroMQ in an easy

  • Jreddit

    jReddit was initiated so Python developers have easier access to Reddit's API.The library acts as an abstraction layer between the queries and the native Python code, allowing developers to build Python apps and websites that interact with the Reddit

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