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  • Mongoowl 2.0.0

    mongostat is a MongoDB console command that reports on the status of a currently running mongod and/or mongos processes.While very useful, like most CLI tools, its output is extremely difficult to read, especially for database administrators not fami

  • Mongobird 2.5.0

    mongobird can be installed on any OS platform and enable database administrators a simple and efficient system for following and managing a MongoDB database.The database monitoring process works in real-time, providing crucial details about a MongoDB

  • Mviewer 0.9.2

    MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, perfect for high traffic and intensive load environments. Working with MongoDB can be a real hell if you don't like command line interfaces.That's why soon after its release, seeing the database's potent

  • Presto 0.65

    Presto is yet another of Facebook's custom database engines, which the company has been actively using for its products and yet decided to release it as an open source product nevertheless.Presto works on multiple servers at once, being a system you

  • Apache Tajo 0.2.0

    A data warehouse system is a database used for reporting and data analysis.Tajo is the implementation of this concept, but specifically tailored to work with Hadoop, a powerful NoSQL database developed by Yahoo and currently managed by the Apache Sof

  • Postgresql Studio 1.2

    PostgreSQL Studio is to PostgreSQL is just like phpMyAdmin is to MySQL.The only difference is that PostgreSQL Studio is written in Java, not PHP. Here are some key features of "PostgreSQL Studio":

  • Apache Metamodel 4.0-SNAPSHOT

    Apache MetaModel supports most of the major database systems around and is focused on providing the be-all end-all interface for running database operations in Java. Here are some key features of "Apache MetaModel":Supported data storage mediums:

  • Apache Drill 1.0.0-m1

    Drill was created to allow developers to query up to 10,000 servers and handle petabytes of query data within seconds.Drill is Apache's response to Google's Dremel package, providing an open source solution for running large data analysis and search

  • White Elephant 0.0.1

    White Elephant allows database administrators to track and monitor Hadoop usage on their servers. White Elephant can be used in monitoring the results of scheduled jobs and server overall usage, allowing developers to plan out operations so all avail

  • Apache Hcatalog 0.5.0

    Developed on top of Apache Hadoop, HCatalog will help database administrators manage the way data is stored using Hadoop DBs. HCatalog can manage data types and shared schemas with ease, delivering a abstracted table interface on which data can be ma

  • Apache Ambari 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT

    Apache Ambari allows database administrators to install, manage and monitor Hadoop clusters.Collecting metrics is done via Ganglia, while email alerts are sent out via Nagios. Here are some key features of "Apache Ambari":Supported Haddop components:

  • Mariadb Client Library For Java 1.1.2

    MariaDB is a community clone of the MySQL database. It was started by MySQL's original founder after the Sun purchase and is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. This client library for MariaDB was developed on top of the JDBC API and allows Java develop

  • Dbdeploy 3.0M3

    DBDeploy manages changes to an SQL database, allowing quick updates of the database core, while keeping the data intact. To do this, it utilizes version-controlled SQL delta scripts to keep track of changes across a system and to generate patch scrip

  • Monetdb Jdbc Driver 2.7

    MonetDB is a column-store database system for high performance output.This JDBC driver allows developers to create Java-based apps or websites that connect, write and retrieve data from within MonetDB. Requirements:· MonetDB

  • Leveldb-java

    LevelDB is a simple key value store NoSQL database system developed by Google.leveldb-java is a port of the original C/C++ code of LevelDB to Java, with some small modifications of course.It mimics as much of the original functionality as possible.

  • Hs4j 0.1

    HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax.The library provides an interface (API) for HandlerSocket, allowing more control over the plugin from inside a Java app.It basic

  • Datomic 0.8.3895

    Comes in a Free Edition for smaller projects and a Pro Edition for professionals and large-scale production. Here are some key features of "Datomic":· Flexible system· Can store time-based facts· Scalability· ACID transactions

  • Tempodb Java Api Client 0.6.0

    TempoDB is a database service for optimal storage time-series data.This library allows developers to create Java apps that interact, store, query and modify data within a TempoDB database.via their public REST API.Other TempoDB API client librar

  • Art 2.5.2

    Supports Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and CUBRID. Here are some key features of "ART":· AJAX-driven interface· Platform independent· Report activity as graphs· Export content· Cached results· Group queries· Filt

  • Titan 0.3.0

    Titan can work with huge graph systems over a machine cluster.Titan works faster than most other similar technologies because it separates the code handling the graph processing from the code that handles the actual storage operations (disk writes).

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